will she be called mrs. peepers?

Dear Sunshine Tutt,

Do you realize that you are marrying Mr. Peepers today? MR. PEEPERS.



ps- In case you didn’t know, you are a model and Mr. Peepers is not.

Okay, I wish I could have sent that note. Five bucks says at least one of her friends did, probably her parents and the rest of her family too. I just have visions of Chris Kattan going all Mr. Peepers on their wedding cake.

UPDATED: Here is a picture of the new Mrs. Peepers:

Rawr! It has also come to my attention that she should be commended for marrying Mango.

Double rawr! This is starting to look like it rivals White Owl and Julia Lee

Congrats to the happy couple!

[Posted by Kathleen]


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4 responses to “will she be called mrs. peepers?

  1. Mallory

    I started laughing outloud when I saw the title of the post and the top of the photo. Can we get a photo of the soon-to-be Mrs. Peepers?

  2. s

    Model? Can anyone use that title these days?

    What agency is she with?

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