a new party trick for you.

Okay folks, here’s a quick break from politics. So everybody knows the importance of a good party trick. I know, because I don’t have one–until now, thanks to DC correspondent Tim. And, to my great relief, it doesn’t involve alcohol and fire. Always a good combination. Ha! Anyway, this is wild. Enjoy and say “thank you, Tim”. You’ll now be the coolest kid at the party.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

UPDATE from Mallory: Sorry, folks, but it’s a hoax. Our dear NYC Correspondent, Mouse, tried to post this comment but for some reason it didn’t show up:

I was super excited about the popcorn post and did research… bad news:


Although I still thought it was cool because I’m a marketing geek.

According to Mouse, it was a viral marketing campaign for bluetooth headsets. If you don’t know what viral marketing is, then you were me five minutes ago. According to our expert, it’s “doing weird things to get people to start talking about things, without overtly advertising them.” Cool, right? Guess this one worked.

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  1. I’m sad. I feel like a bloggy failure. I blame Tim.

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