copper has never gone this far.

Lana, one of our millions of New York correspondents, just sent along a very interesting article about a very hungry dog from North Carolina. Apachee, a b-e-a-utiful husky, had to be operated on this week because he had eaten a fork. Yup, a fork.

He had swallowed the fork a few days before the surgery. It sat there for a few days, then punctured a hole in his stomach and “traveled into his chest, penetrated his lung and lacerated his pulmonary artery.” Apachee almost died from internal bleeding and cardiac arrest, but luckily his vets were able to perform emergency surgery and save him. Phew! Copper, don’t get any ideas.

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2 responses to “copper has never gone this far.

  1. Madeline

    Darling Mal, can you please post the link to that article? Merci!

  2. Mallory

    Whoops. It’s added now!

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