guess what copper ate this time?

My parents are hosting some guests back in Denver, and Copper thought he’d welcome said guests by treating them just how he treats us. First, he stole the man’s slippers (and my mom couldn’t find them in any of Copper’s usual hiding spots). Then, he ate AN ENTIRE BOX of Viactiv chocolate calcium tablets that the woman brought with her. Nice, Copper.

My mom tried to research whether this meant Copper would suddenly have a heart attack, but her computer wasn’t working. So far, he’s still alive. Probably gleefully chomping on his new slippers as a nightcap. 

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One response to “guess what copper ate this time?

  1. ShortPlumpItalianGrandma

    Your dog is nutty Mallomar.

    As you know, my dog too is named Copper, though there is a large disparity in size (my Copper weighs approx. 12 pounds) the weirdest thing she’s probably eaten is a pot of mac & cheese. Yes, a full pot i.e. an entire blue box of Kraft’s cheesiest, all 700 calories worth. That’s just about as much as she should eat in a week. Yet still, that is NOTHING compared to the damage that your Copper has done.

    Oh, and the occassional patch of grass. (That was an odd phase.)

    At her ripe old age of 13 she can no longer distinguish between her food and her poop, so well, that also makes for some interesting situations.

    On top of it all she’s blind and diabetic.

    I love her. Thought I’d share a Copper story!

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