what would palin have named you?

Instead of doing something productive, I’m reading Wonkette and G-Chatting, but it’s okay because I discovered something wonderful. If you go to this site, you can type in your name and find out what your name would be if you were unfortunate enough to be Sarah Palin’s child. Obviously it’s just randomly generated names, but I still think it’s fun.

Mine was a sort of boring Turbine Yukon Palin. I think I’d go by Turby. If I throw in my last name, I’m told I’d be called Skein Chug Palin, which is way more fun.

Kathleen’s is amazing: Mullet Troll Palin. Ha!

Other fun ones…

George Bush: Open Aircraft Palin. I like it.

Barack Obama: Tarp Lazer Palin. I once knew a girl named Rezal, and she used to explain that her name was just like Lazer, except backwards.

My roommate: Froth Moonshine Palin. Appropriate.

Ghandi: Luger Otter Palin. Yeah, I prefer Ghandi.

And if Sarah Palin had gotten to name herself, she’d be Flack Gobbler Palin. Too bad she didn’t get to name herself, because if that had been the case she totally wouldn’t have been McCain’s VP candidate. John and Flack just doesn’t have a presidential ring to it.

Okay now maybe I’ll do some work. Have fun.

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5 responses to “what would palin have named you?

  1. justcallmepam

    first name: Sport Grunt Palin
    full name: Copper Catfish Palin

    I know you’re jealous, Mal….

  2. Lana Banana

    First Name: Snowshoe Man Palin
    Full Name: Timber Challenger Palin

    I hate mine.
    Coincidence? I hate Sarah Palin too.

  3. drunkinarowboat

    um, did you also hear that she gave one of her sons (I believe it is trig, but it could be track?) the middle name Van, because then he could be
    “track VAN PALIN”

    and yes, this woman gave her child this name because she is such a huge fan of the band Van Halen. Hmm.

  4. seamoore

    Scat Dubya Palin beats you all!

  5. Cue Manhunt Palin here. 🙂

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