oh jesus, i am andy bernard.

So, what did you do late Thursday night? Put your passed out little Asian friend to bed at 8:30 p.m. and then stay up watching a cappella videos on YouTube? Oh and was your YouTube somehow in Spanish? That is so weird, because ME TOO!

Um, yeah. Maybe I’m becoming one of those creepy a cappella fanatics. Whatever, I just wrote a cover letter and writing a cover letter will drive a person to extremes like a cappella. My Upper East Side correspondent recommended that I listen to Straight No Chaser’s “Insomniac,” so obviously I listened to it on repeat for like a half hour. I will post a “video” that is really just audio with a TERRIBLE comic sans font title across the screen. Forgive me for that, but the audio is better than in other videos, and please know that I. HATE. COMIC. SANS.

Here’s another video of SNC (yeah, I’m using a cappella acronyms, OKAY?) singing Toto’s “Africa”:

I’ve added a new requirement for my future husband. Gentlemen: if any of you are tall and bearded and can cook, play the guitar, and sing, please email sixwordstochangetheworld@gmail.com, care of Mallory.

Finally, here’s Carrie Underwood singing the only other song I’ve ever truly loved in a cappella version. I couldn’t find an a cappella version on YouTube.

And yes, I know that 75% of you probably didn’t watch those videos, but posting them was more fun than editing my cover letter.

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6 responses to “oh jesus, i am andy bernard.

  1. justcallmepam

    that sounds just like the walsh i know and love….and no, i didn’t watch the videos…sorry.

  2. Oh good GOD this entry made me laugh really, really hard because my friend and I (both ex choir-singers) stayed up well past 5am last night, sccouring youtube for a cappella versions of our favorite songs, and longing for our lost youth.

    And then we totally watched clips from Sister Act. It was a pretty fun night.

  3. Mallory

    Glad I’m not alone in the world of, er, embarrassing Thursday nights.

  4. Beefchocolatecheesesaltgarlic

    Malsers, did I ever show you the video of this group doing a really funny Christmas song? I found it last Christmas when finals drove me to youtubing a capella holiday music. It’s wonderful.

    Early happy holidays.

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