’til avatar affair do us part.


Internet love is pretty common these days and sadly, divorce is even more so.  So on the surface it’s not too surprising to hear that a British couple is divorcing after meeting in a chat room in 2003.  But, of course, the devil is in the details.  Indeed. 

The chat room where Amy Taylor, 28, and David Pollard, 40, met was on a virtual community called “Second Life.”  They had each created an avatar and eventually, all four of them fell in love.  Six months after their first “lol” they had moved in together and in 2005 they married.  They even held an online ceremony for their avatars. 

However, it seems that happily ever after was not to be.  The couple recently split after Amy caught her husband’s avatar getting cozy with a “Second Life” prostitute.  Ouch.  Calling Pollard’s act “the ultimate betrayal” Taylor hired a “Second Life” private investigator in search of further proof.  The virtual P.I. caught Pollard’s avatar participating in some extramarital activities and he apologized to both his online and real life wives. 

Taylor says Pollard is now engaged to the virtual prostitute despite never having met in real life.  Don’t worry about Taylor though, she says she has also found internet love again.  This time, in the virtual community “World of Warcraft.” 

Here’s a picture of Pollard with his new girlfriend:  second-life-385_433000a1

And Pollard and his “real life” wife (for now, anyway):mr-and-mrs-pollard1

At least they’re happy.  Right? 

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