you thought the baconator was cool…

I have a friend who loves bacon. Let’s call her Katie, because that’s her name. In college, we would make fun of her for sneaking scraps of bacon off of our plates when we weren’t looking. She once toyed with the notion of inventing bacon bread. Bitch really, really loves bacon. And she’d do a lot for bacon, but I don’t think she’d do this:

bacon bra

(That photo is officially the most awkward one I’ve ever saved to my Desktop.)

Ladies and gents — but really, just gents — meet the Bacon Bra. Taco Bell is putting bacon in its burritos, so why can’t some random woman wear bacon for a bra? 

My friend Doobie alerted me to this wonderful new invention:

doobie:  so you wanna see the best invention ever?
me:  YES!
me:  oh. my. GOD.
doobie:  hahaha awesome right?
me:  okay, but the bacon is raw
so youd have to like peel it off a boob and fry it before you eat it
doobie:  hmmm id just suck it up
me:  and eat the raw bacon?
doobie:  yup

Oh, boys.

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3 responses to “you thought the baconator was cool…

    i thought picture was animated looked closely it was real

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  3. justcallmepam

    1. that picture is part of the fanpage for “bacon” that i just recently came across on facebook

    2. yesterday, i sent katie a notification pointing out that said fanpage was perfect for her

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