constantly changing from calm to ill.

I randomly bought the City and Colour song “Sleeping Sickness” on iTunes because when all of my college friends and I slept for days on end in the weeks after we graduated, we called it the sleeping sickness. Which is to say, we were all probably mildly depressed because life REALLY sucks for a while right after you graduate from college. 

So I bought this song and kind of forgot about it, but it came on my shuffle the other day and I was all, “Hey! I like this! Where did this come from?!” Now I’ve been listening to it on repeat, as I’m apt to do. I really like the second verse, when the other singer (Gord Downie, thankyouverymuch YouTube) comes in. It’s a nice surprise, and there’s something very raw and appealing about his voice:

I debated for a while about whether to post the official music video or a live video, and for purposes of quality, the official video won. I rarely like a music video better than an actual live performance, and frankly who really watches music videos anymore? I’m starting to think they’re a lost art. But hey, as long as someone keeps putting that stuff on YouTube, I’ll keep posting it here.

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