spencer pratt raps; people everywhere cringe.

Oh dear God, take a look at this. According to a Billboard article (and last night’s episode of “I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!”), the male half of the media whore team known as Speidi just came out with a rap single. Yeah. The video is worse than you imagined:

In the Billboard article, Spencer waxes eloquent about his rap skillz, and on the fact that he is like totally the best white rapper ever:

“Honestly, I used to be the biggest Eminem fan on the planet, but the difference now is that he’s so paid. My hustle is the same as his was when he was 25, coming out with his first flow.” And he continues his harsh criticism of [Asher] Roth, whom he recently referred to as a “nerd” in an interview with MTV News. “I want to be the antithesis to Roth,” explains Pratt. “If he’s the good guy right now, I’ll be the villain. I’m more hated than Eminem ever was, so why can’t I be the hated rapper?”

Spencer, I don’t think you’ve ever had “hustle”. And “so paid”? Okay, Kanye West. (I obviously had to look that up…but I understand that “Gold Digger” line now!)

Spencer Pratt, please go away. Take your wife with you. WE DO NOT CARE.

P.S. If you insist on staying around, at least make your wife dye her hair a normal human color.

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4 responses to “spencer pratt raps; people everywhere cringe.

  1. aestar101

    And I thought Heidi was scary…..

  2. Rachel

    oh for the love of god! somebody help them please

  3. His video is only slightly less embarrassing than Heidi’s… remember that one? Eek.

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