it’s that tired old advice again…

My family and I saw Up in the Air on Christmas day, and I love-love-loved it. It was funny but poignant, and everyone in it was phenomenal. (How is George Clooney STILL so god damned attractive?) The music in the film was also great, and this song is one of my favorites:

Sad Brad Smith, I dig you.

Another favorite — which prompted me to freeze as I was walking out and stand motionless listening to the song (while crying, of course) as the credits rolled — was submitted to Director Jason Reitman by a regular guy who’d just lost his job:

Unfortunately, neither of these songs will be eligible for the Oscar for Best Original Song for reasons described here, but kudos to Brad Smith, Kevin Renick, and Jason Reitman for their brilliant work.

Now go see the movie.

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