i’m in love with your cheeks.

Happy Valentine’s Day, kiddies! Here is how you should celebrate: be thankful for someone you love, and eat chocolate. Here is how you should NOT celebrate: by seeing Valentine’s Day, the movie. Seriously. It was that bad. And don’t be grumpy if you don’t have a sweetheart. That’s too clichéd, and it’s silly. Someone loves you today. I love you today!

There are a lot of gorgeous love songs out there, but because I’m on a Bon Iver kick right now, I’m going to share one of his songs with you:

So gorgeous. Enjoy your day!

[Posted by Mallory]


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2 responses to “i’m in love with your cheeks.

  1. Hannah

    Mal, I agree… Valentines Day was terrible. Taylor Swift and Jessica Biel were just unbearable.
    Lots of LOVE to you!

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