youtube clip of today: chatroulette improv.

You guys have heard of Chatroulette by now, right? I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been too scared/weirded out to try it, but it’s a fascinating concept. From what I understand, you just video chat with random strangers for as long as you want, and talk to, er, exhibitionists, about every other time. One day, I may be brave enough to try it and report back, but for now, enjoy this little number:

Thanks for the tip, Susnan’s Gchat status!

[Posted by Mallory]


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2 responses to “youtube clip of today: chatroulette improv.

  1. E.Lee

    AHAHAHA, Peter played this the other night. I thought it was pretty fantastic.

  2. Liz

    The boyfriend thought Chatroulette might be interesting, so we logged on one night. Um, there were so many penises I may have lost count.

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