sometimes even “adults” get snow days!

If you’re in D.C. on this lovely Monday, happy snow day! At the very least, the federal government and my school got a snow delay, and I’ll take it. I woke up this morning around 7 a.m., looked outside, let out a “yippee!,” checked my email, and promptly fell back asleep. I’m impressed, actually…this is a legitimate snow storm. Normally when people are freaking out about snow here in the mid-Atlantic region, I get up on my high Colorado horse and am like “Pssh, you call this sprinkling a snowstorm? In Colorado we put on our swimsuits and call this summer!” (Which, of course, is a huge lie. Colorado is not the frigid tundra that some people think it is.)

Anyway, my morning classes and appointments are cancelled, so hooray! I’m quite happy to snuggle up in my apartment and watch entertaining YouTube videos like this one:

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