today is a google holiday, hooray!

Today’s Google Holiday: Happy 100th Birthday Jacques Cousteau! Now, does it count as a birthday if the person is dead? I’m not sure I can support the phrasing of this holiday. They should have titled it, “It Would Have Been Cool If You Were Still Alive, Jacques, Because Then You Would Have Been 1oo!” Then again, if I had worked for Google, yesterday’s National Iced Tea Day and the second anniversary of this here bloggie (!!!) on June 9 would have been featured. They’ll get their priorities straight eventually. Jacques might have done cool stuff in the ocean, but Kathleen and I post funny videos that other people made. I really don’t understand the difference.

What I was Googling: Nothing, actually. (I considered making something up that was kind of awkward/funny, like maybe “the electric slide,” but that would have been dishonest.) I was actually on Google to see if yesterday’s picture party was still going on. Did anyone else see that? Instead of being white, the Google homepage background was a fabulous picture that changed every so often. I think they were advertising a new feature where you can pick any photo you want and have it be your background. I grabbed a screen shot of this baby:

It’s fun, like Fridays are fun! Have a good one!

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