guess what? i’m not a robot.

Kathleen discovered this song the other day and we (along with my work BFF…hi, work BFF!) have been listening nonstop ever since. I’ve decided that this gal is a mix of Regina Spektor, Kate Nash, and Lady Gaga. Lurve her:

This song makes me a little less depressed to be hanging out in National Airport for the next four hours. Why am I stuck in the airport, you ask? Short answer: because I’m an idiot. Basically, I thought, “Hey, even though normally I’m super cautious about getting to the airport extra early, I’ll calm down this time and just give myself a normal amount of time to get there!” BAD IDEA. As a warning to the rest of you: the second you try to “not have OCD,” the Metro will take forever, the airport shuttle won’t come, and you’ll find yourself pleading with two stoic Frontier agents who are all, “Oh, sorry, I understand that you have 25 minutes [Ed. Note: TOTALLY ENOUGH TIME] to run from here and try to get through security, but we’re going to make you wait for another four hours to fly.” And then they shuffle with papers and try to ignore that you’re crying a little too dramatically in front of them.

So, sorry I’m missing most of your bachelorette party, cousin Ashley. Turns out my neuroses are there for a reason, and ignoring them doesn’t work out well. Lesson learned.

UPDATE: Well, this is interesting. Turns out I wrote a very similar post on almost this exact date last year. I’m flying home for the same trip, the same weekend, AND using a flight voucher borrowed from my father again (which he earned on the same trip two years in a row). WEIRDNESS.

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3 responses to “guess what? i’m not a robot.

  1. E.A.

    let the obsession grow.

  2. Anne

    Hmmm wasn’t last time on United and this time on Frontier? Apparently you have bad luck on both of D-town’s biggest airlines. I’ve heard Amtrak trains are lovely this time of year.

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