youtube clip of today: double rainbow.

Can you imagine having this much enthusiasm about a rainbow? Amazing. And hilarious. Best line: What does this mean!? If I didn’t know any better, I’d say it was a Will Ferrell sketch.

Enjoy! And happy Thursday, readership!

[Posted by Kathleen]


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3 responses to “youtube clip of today: double rainbow.

  1. Janine

    Because I haven’t been doing anything at work for the past 3 hours, I actually watched the whole video…I didnt think it could get more ridiculous, but the violent sobbing around minute 2 proved me very very wrong…any guesses as to what drug or combination of drugs this man is on? I proffer shrooms with a dash of ecstasy

  2. Mallory

    Definitely some sort of hallucinogen.

    Not gonna lie, this made me laugh harder than the cat email did. (And yes, I AM laughing out loud at my laptop while sitting alone near the baggage claim in DCA. Because I’m not even allowed to check in for my flight yet.)

  3. Linda

    HA! He totally had a behind the camera “OH” face! I know it.

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