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john krasinski goes indie, plus beard.

Two video posts in a row maaay seem a little lazy and lame but it’s so worth it because we all must go see this movie together (I’m talking to you, 300-odd regular readers) and smile the whole time and eat Red Vines and fall deeply, deeply in love with a — wait for it — BEARDED John Krasinski:

Now, our love for John Krasinski has been pretty well documented on this blog, here and here and here and here. But I’ve yet to see Johnny K branch out and do a movie that I actually wanted see. I’m always afraid they’ll be bad and ruin my perfect love for him. (No John, seriously, are you listening? I’m tall too. Pretty witty. Did I mention I think we’re soulmates?) This movie, however, actually looks good. A little indie, a little funny, a little tugging-at-the-heart-strings; it’s a holy trinity of movie goodness. Plus, the movie was directed by Sam Mendes, husband of SWTCTW girl crush Kate Winslet AND SWTCTW’s very own Kathleen looks eerily like Maya Rudolph. So there’s that.

FYI, the song in the preview is Alexi Murdoch’s “All My Days.”

Thanks to sometime guest blogger Madeline for the tip!

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