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thoughts that couldn’t wait until tomorrow.

Remember how being home is simply lovely and wonderful? Well, I forgot that I get really bored when I don’t have 1,000 things to do. And that I don’t have, um, that many friends left in Denver (KELSEY COME HOME). And my parents just left me to go to a swanky cult-tastic party and have left me at home alone. I helped my mom get ready, like I’m 11 and waiting for the babysitter. I swear guys, I’m not usually this lame. Really.

In the meantime, I need to tell you some things. First, you should begin reading the following two blogs:

  • the way i wanted it to be. My friend’s brother writes this blog. His photos are transfixing and his stories are beautiful and sad. Read it.
  • Miss Doxie. An important lawyer friend of mine introduced me to Miss Doxie, swearing that the blog got her through law school. Miss Doxie (a lovely girl named Leigh) doesn’t post often — in fact, she took quite the hiatus for the past year or so — but the archives are worth reading. And there are plenty to keep you busy, whether you’re miserable at work wishing you were home, or home wishing you had the foresight to stay among friends in DC for another weekend.

Besides these blogs, the only thing that’s pulling me out of this fuck-I’m-lame funk is that Jersey Shore is on tonight. And I have never seen Jersey Shore. I’ve only read about it on 2birds1blog. Miss Meg McBlogger’s recraps have left me dying to watch, and the heavens smiled down upon me and noticed my boredom and offered up the golden gift of this horrible show! At least something is right in the world.

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