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we are eating pepper and chips!

Hello, 2010! A lot of bloggers I know (okay, bloggers whose blogs I read whom I feel like I know even though I totally don’t) have been doing recaps of their years and reminiscing on all that happened, etc. etc. Things like that are really hard for me. Seriously. I have problems with nostalgia. I don’t look at old photos often because then I end up spending hours and hours and hours looking at them and feeling emo and yearning for old times and wondering where the time went and then I probably cry. So don’t expect a recap from me. Unless I find myself with hours and hours and hours of time and an excellent emo soundtrack and wine.

All that said, YAY for a new decade. How crazy is that? I’m not one to go gaga over NYE, but it’s frightening to think how long it’s been since 1999. In 1999 I celebrated New Year’s with my parents and I’m pretty sure I was wearing an unironically hideous wool sweater from The Gap. This year, I celebrated with more than a few cocktails (and cocktail weenies) and about 22 of my favorite people in the Poconos. It was amazing, and I have the beer stains on my pajama pants to prove it.

In honor of the new decade, I have to repost one of the greatest things created between 2000 and 2009. Ladies and gentlemen, Kittens Inspired by Kittens (posted first by Kathleen back in April 2009):

Never. Gets. Old.

(Side note: While attempting to watch that video because, like I said, it never gets old, my computer turned itself off. That happens to me sometimes while I’m watching YouTube videos or Netflix movies. Can someone who’s good at computers MAKE IT STOP?! Please?)

My friend Mouse (along with Ewok, owner of the following cat, and Barbie) did a few recreations of the video, and it’s one of the 14 billion reasons that I adore them:

We are in Hawaii!

We are eating pepper and chips!

We are wiiiine bottles!

Double head!

I'm at work!


As long as things like this and friends like this stay around, I think the next decade will be faaaantastic.

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now taking suggestions for decade nickname.

Cheers to 2010!  I was pondering today what the nickname for the newest decade would be when I realized something…no one ever came up with a nickname for the past 1o years.  Sure, the ’80s, ’90s, etc. kind of wrote themselves, but how is it possible that not one of the six billion of us could think of something to call ’00-’09 collectively?  Come on people.  Lets do better for the next 10.

On another (much more embarrassing) note, I shamefully admit that I was, yet again, sucked into The Bachelor’s premiere episode tonight.  The Bachelor is now on its 14th season, not counting The (far superior) Bachelorette seasons.  New Bachelor Jake was surprisingly less douchy than he was last year, but the majority of the 25 female contestants put all women to shame.  Who watches this garbage?  Oh yeah, me.

can you feel my rolling eyes?

This season promises to have just as much ABC Network-induced drama and fake-by-the-railing emotional breakdowns as any other season, so I’ll probably DVR every episode.  Especially because the gossip is a contestant and one of the show’s producers were having an affair while taping was going on.  Not even The Bachelor producers take this show seriously!

And one last thing, because Jake is a pilot – the title of this season is “The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love.”  ABC, FIRE your writers.

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