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yes we can. YES. WE. CAN.

I just finished writing a shitty rough draft of my paper, as Anne Lamott would have advised me to do, and then I stalked around the Internets for a while and got myself crazy nervous about the election. Just think! At this time tomorrow, we will (hopefully?) know who our next president is! HOW FREAKED OUT AND NERVOUS AND EXCITED ARE YOU?!!

I can’t promise that there will be any liveblogging on my end, and Kathleen will probably be really busy doing actual campaign stuff, but know that I will be, er, liveblogging in spirit? Really that means I will be drinking lots of wine and crying lot of tears (no matter who wins) and will not have access to my computer.

Let’s look at pictures of Barry and be happy:

And you know the drill, kids: don’t forget to vote! 

See you on the flip side.

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