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million-dollar madam pimped kids…in denver?!

Kathleen just sent me an article about a prostitution ring that offered the sexual services of up to 50 women and children. And this was in Denver.

Now, aside from the occasional murder, Denver seems to be a relatively safe place for its size. And even though there is a strip club called Shotgun Willies about three minutes from my house in an otherwise normal, residential area, Denver is not exactly the first city that comes to mind when you think of prostitution. Even Sonny Jackson, a Denver police spokesman, said: “We don’t have a lot of prostitution of this nature in Denver.” Then again, exactly what cities do come to mind when you think about child prostitution?

What surprises me most about this story is that Hong Tang, the alleged madam (pictured above), was running this prostitution service out of her “suburban Denver home.” I’d really like to think that if my neighbor was running some sort of massive prostitution ring, I would realize that it was going on and totally get her busted and be a hero. But who knows. Those neighbors must feel kind of silly. Or maybe they knew about it all along, and got discounts.

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