high heeled crocs? my eyes bleed.

At SWTCTW we reserve the right to rant about things have no real relevance other than just being fugly or annoying. So here’s a little rant. And before I start, let me be the first to admit that I own a pair of Crocs. They’re baby blue (I know that doesn’t make it better, perhaps even worse? Haha) and perfect for what I used them for– getting from my dorm room to the hall bathroom or laundry room. They were never a fashion statement. And they shouldn’t be. But what the Crocs company has done now, however, is unforgivable. They have just gone too far this time and I won’t stand for it anymore! Are you ready? Feast your eager eyes on these!

UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH! There are no excuses. How can you possibly justify wearing these? Oh, I need to be comfortable at my best friend’s wedding, so let me just slip on some foam monstrosities with a heel because a heel makes it dressy? Puhlease. Suck it up like the rest of the world. Even the high heels for babies were more attractive than these crimes against humanity. If ever you are given the choice between Crocs high heels or going barefoot, do yourself and everyone else a favor. GO BAREFOOT.

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5 responses to “high heeled crocs? my eyes bleed.

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  3. Holy crap, AS DO MINE. (This popped up on my blog as a related post)

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  5. Judi Proud to own Croc Heels and found you page because I want more

    I have only owned high heel Crocs — the other tradition ones are God awful looking!

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