youtube clip of today: rhythmic gymnasts.

Phelps Schmelps. Lochte Schmocte. Roker and Lauer are MAGICAL. If you don’t feel like listening to the witty banter (“Why don’t I just do javelin catching?” Haha.), fastforward to 3:34 and watch from there.

Ahhh! You too, Brian Williams? I love you, Brian Williams.

[Posted by Kathleen]

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One response to “youtube clip of today: rhythmic gymnasts.

  1. sozzled

    By far my favorite clip that you have ever posted.
    “Let’s move onto the rope.” Alex the Great
    “Great, so we can hang ourselves.” Matt Lauer
    Wasn’t aware that you are so cynical Matty-poo!

    And, DREAMWEAVER??? Wow. What a fantastic piece of lyrical genius.

    Though Lauer + Roker + ribbon dancing = a guaranteed golden moment, I now cannot get the Ribbon Dancer theme song out of my head.
    Thanks guys.

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