maybe mccain will be the godfather.

In the past few days there have been rumors that Sarah Palin’s youngest son, Trig, was actually her grandson, and liberal bloggers like yours truly were loving it. But now the truth is out. According to the latest news from the New York Times, it looks like Trig really is Palin’s son, but that Palin’s 17-year-old daughter, Bristol, is knocked up:

Bristol Palin, one of Alaska Gov. Palin’s five children with her husband, Todd, is about five months pregnant and is going to keep the child and marry the father, the Palins said in a statement released by the campaign of Republican presidential candidate John McCain.

Bristol Palin made the decision on her own to keep the baby, McCain aides said.

According to the McCain campaign, McCain knew about the pregnancy when he selected Palin as his VP but he had “decid[ed] that it did not disqualify the 44-year-old governor in any way.” I find it hard to believe that McCain knew about this situation and still picked Palin. Sure, it doesn’t “disqualify” her, but it sure as hell complicates things. For a hardcore Christian, morals-focused politician to have a 17-year-old pregnant daughter who clearly dallied in premarital sex — the horror! — is so not good for McCain. Which makes me think he really didn’t research this decision much, and instead just made a last-minute decision to choose Palin so that he could shake things up and look like the maverick he claims to be.

Things are looking better and better for our boy B.

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7 responses to “maybe mccain will be the godfather.

  1. I have a theory that Palin was not his first, or even second, choice. I think he asked the others first and they said no. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

    And Bristol Palin is going to find herself the new hero of the pro-life movement. She will be a posterchild for keeping a baby. Hmm.

  2. Will Bush be the midwife then?

    It does get cold and lonely up there in Alaska apparently, five kids. wow

  3. drunkinarowboat

    Uh. Like wtffffffff.

    The hypocrisy of these people is astounding. I would like to say comical, but then I realize, WAY too many people think Sarah Palin as VP is way cool, and also that it’s totally normal to tell your daughter that they’ll get pregnant when God brings the stork to the door step after their wedding NOT when they get really horny at 16 and bang their boyfriend sans protection.

    Jamie Lynn for FEMA head!!!

  4. lizibear

    This is hysterical. I read another blog that pointed out Barak’s comment on the fact, he was very upstanding about it, and said that people shouldn’t think negatively about it since his mom had him when she was 18. Very noble of him….yet I still think it puts him ahead…it will make him look very understanding to young mothers, yet to the other side of the spectrum, it makes him look like the upstanding moral politician….

  5. Grace Barack is not playing the politician game to earn some brownie points ..HE STANDS FIRM TO HIS WORDS, “FAMILY ARE OFF LIMITS” He said this from the beginning of his campaign, it shows how much he truly has an outstanding character about himself, unlike McCain potraying himself as a Maverick. There’s nothing Maverick about the flip flopper.

    FYI: His mom was married before she was pregnant with Barack, secondly Barack’s grandmother was not running for VP, but Bristol’s mom is. Sara Palin is a pro-life Republican who believes that abstinence only education works, well her policy failed, maybe she needs to re think her position. Why not abstince AND sex eduacation maybe then her daughter would not be in this position!

    A perfect example why the conservatives idea to legislate their morality on others is flawed. With her extreme beliefs and McCains vote that Birth control pills and condoms should not be covered on the health care plan but Viagra should, just shows how reckless these people are, and what’s crazy is that they will use Christianity as their cover up! They are as much a hypocrites as the pharasees of Jesus’ days!

  6. Desirey

    By the way, if Sara Palin was so concern of her children’s need she should of taken some time first before accepting the VP position!

    She has so much on her plate, she has 5 kids, she has a down syndrome son who is 4/5 months old, she knew her teenage daughter is pregnant, and did she even ask her daughter if she was o.k. that she might be judge by America, because her mother is running for VP. What about Sara herself, with her high moral values and standards, but it is not being demonstrated in her own household.

    What about John McCain and his experience and judgment.. He met her once in February, briefly had spoken to her for a few minutes, and with couple of phone calls. Is he really able to trust and completely say she is the right choice for the job! VP job is as demanding as the president, We see Cheney discussing foreign and national policy and talking to leaders of other countries persuading them, and are hands on when it comes to America’s interest and affairs. Can America and the republican party actually trust Palin who was a mayor of Wasilla of 5,000 people and a governor of Alaska of 600,000 people to represent america to our ALLIES and to speak out in behalf of our nation? I don’t think so, we will be a JOKE! No common sense Men and Women will think she is fit for this job. It is a sorry excuse to say Obama lacks experience because first of all 19 million plus people voted for Barack, he has been in the senate around the same time as Hillary, He has worked with the most respectable people in the Congress, he maybe just be a senator of Chicago, but Chicago alone has 3 million people 3 times as much as alaska alone! Barack and Sen. Hillary has been Tested for over a year and a half, as long as Palin has been a governor, america had a choice, but America did not have a choice about Palin, let alone be 72 year old 4 time survivor cancer heart beat away!

    Joe Lieberman was with him from the beginning, he was completely comfortable with him why not him?

    “Putting America first” is not on John McCain’s agenda, and Family First is not on Sarah Palin’s priority. The more I read about her and how she was risking her health and the health of her babies health by flying for hours from Texas to Alaska while her water broke, instead of giving birth in Texas is IRRESPONSIBLE AND RECKLESS, then after 3 days she goes back to work? I have 3 children, the more you have the easier it is to give birth, my last one my water broke and 5 minute later the baby came out without having to push! So something there does not make any sense at all.
    Also the hospital keeps you for atleast 2 days, but yet after the 3 days she goes back to work, makes you really wonder where her loyalty and her dedication stands, doen’t it?

  7. brownisgreen

    I call her Sarah Pandering. A brilliant choice by his campaign managers, ( not his choice, though– he wanted Leiberman–) to pander to the Republican evangelical base. And they are eating his pandering up, clueless to being manipulated. Yummy Death By Pandering On The Beach.

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