i’d choose barbie over sarah palin.

Oh wooohoooo.  Now you can buy a Superhero Sarah Palin doll.  Umm, that’s great.  Since this election is no longer about issues and rather that Palin is a Vagina-American and is hot in the Tina Fey way, let’s be superficial for a minute.  Who wants a supposedly feminine doll with G.I. Joe man thighs?  Come on guys, Barbie’s got better legs for sure.


Intimidated by the Thunder Thighs Palin doll?  (Yeah, me too) Try this one–naughty school girl Sarah Palin.

Yet again, I’d choose Barbie.  Or better yet, the one responsible for bringing back the naughty school girl image–the one and only, Britney Spears doll.

Yup, she’s better than Palin too.

Here is the final Sarah Palin doll the company, http://www.herobulder.com, offers.  Vice Presidential Sarah Palin:

Well, Barbie one-upped Sarah Palin in two ways here.  First, Barbie is running for Prez and second, Barbie looks FABULOUS.

That was fun, but let’s take it back to the issues.  I bet Barbie would stand up for the rights of women more than Palin.  I bet Barbie would support birth control and a woman’s privacy, I bet Barbie wouldn’t make women pay for their own rape kits, I bet Barbie wouldn’t make Skipper have the baby even if she was raped, I bet Barbie wouldn’t be on a ticket with Ken if he didn’t support equal pay for women…okay…you get my point.

Really, I’d take Barbie over Sarah Palin.

Oh, and one more thing.  These dolls are on sale.

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9 responses to “i’d choose barbie over sarah palin.

  1. romi41

    I cannot get over those bulbus knees….wonder woman is my girl 🙂

  2. ShortPlumpItalianGrandma

    Barbie has some very political hair.

  3. Dr. Dani

    At least the Sarah palin doll isn’t a socialist like the Obama Ken is.

  4. CT Guy

    The Sarah Palin Doll would be better if they get rid of the knees and make them like every other barbie style doll. I mean sure the lady has some strong thighs, not scary-like body builder muscular, but perfect on a woman. Still no reason for them to create it in ridicule of her and then compare to other dolls. Barbie never ran a state of over 600,000 people – Palin did.

  5. Coco McBean

    I like the Caribou Barbie version better than the real life Governacuda because it doesn’t talk.


  6. JJ

    Alaska only has a population of 600,000??? lol. I’ve lived in cities that have much larger populations… Can’t be too challenging to be a governer there. Especially when you have excessive funding to do whatever you want with.

  7. peacemonger

    all this just makes me sick…. it’s a country here, not a toy store. it’s politics, not an adolescent game. come to consider it, it’s actually a shame children can’t vote instead of us; they’d have kinder, more peaceful, more sensible approach than most adults. why do we have to make such brutal attacks on a woman simply because she decided to run for a political office? if anyone could get a grasp on what unity, love, peace and real freedom is all about, we could see that it is possible to promote the candidate of personal choice without attempting to tear down and make a mockery of the opposition. perhaps some would make the world a better place by simply keeping away from the polls and political scenes and staying inside playing with barbie dolls…..

  8. Carole

    Madonna’s thighs look like skinny versions of that. Palin is a pretty well-dressed for a politician- I liked her dark green suit with the red heels at the debate podium -hair needs an update, though – lose the chunky, uniform, highlights, Ms. Palin.
    Hey, that Barbie-for-Prez doll looks like Cindy McCain.

  9. Shae

    I’ve never been so tired of a presidential campaign in my 47 years of life than I am of this one. McCain sucks, Sarah Palin really really sucks, Obama sucks and that old dude running with him sucks too. Ralph Nader is looking better all the time. In fact, Micky Mouse looks good compared to all these jerks. I’ll be glad when this crap is over and I hope we never have to look at Sarah Palins goofy face again. Especially hers, but the rest would be great to be rid of too.

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