i may not survive until november.

So I have this nightgown. It’s made of flannel. It may or may not be monogrammed. My college roommates may all have the same one. There is a backstory, but whatever, it’s still kind of embarrassing.

Flannel nightgowns are designed to be worn in the following circumstances: when recovering from a hard breakup; when feeling generally overwhelmed by your life and wanting to cry for no reason; when you’re exceptionally hungover; and when Sarah Palin makes you so angry you consider preemptively moving to Switzerland. 

Watch this, and understand what I mean.

Let’s just say I’m wearing my flannel nightgown.

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6 responses to “i may not survive until november.

  1. Lana

    Wow. A former journalism major that cannot name a single newpaper she reads???? Well, at least the illiterate percentage of our population (which is way too high in this country, might I add.) is being represented in this election. Her participation in this election is a sick, sick joke.

    “…and as for homosexuality”… might I ask what the hell bringing up her lesbian friend has to do with the morning after pill?? Oh, by the way Sarah!… bringing up being lesbians when talking about contraception will not make the gay population too fond of you! Being gay is not a form of contraception, you moron. Not even close. How can she associate gays with contraception and think that is REMOTELY PC???? They obviously haven’t trained her well enough yet.

    She’s “all for contraception and any preventative measures that are legal and safe” all kinds of contraceptives, EXCEPT the morning after pill, that’s not the definition of “all” Sarah.

    She has a “vast variety of uhh…” …uhh bullshit in her arsenal of rehearsed answers.

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