live blogging the vice presidential showdown.

9:01 –  Hi Gwen!  Looking foxy in teal.  We get it, we get it.  Let’s just get to it.

9:03 – Ooooh the bail out.  Joe is on message.  YESSSSSS.  I’m mesmerized by the chart at the bottom of the screen.  The positives soared for Sen. Biden.  Oh, here goes Sarah talking about parents at a soccer game. Do you have kids?  I had no idea!  But I thought you were hockey mom?  GET YOUR STORY STRAIGHT, LADY.  Both candidates went to bat for the top of the ticket right away.  Not surprising.

9:08 – She whipped out the maverick card.  “Git down, to gitting business done.”  Ugh.  She threw in the “all due respect” line, which we all means with no respect at all.  I don’t think that inferring Biden’s been in the Senate for too long is a good approach, Sarah.  Have you met John McCain?  And stop trying to steal the term change from the Change Master.

9:14 – She’s not going to answer the questions the way the moderator wants? If I were Gwen, I would have given her an eye roll and snapped my fingers in her face.  Straight talk, Sarah?  Answer the straight questions.  I’ve got a question for you.  Did dinosaurs and humans exist at the same time?  But we digress.

9:17 – Sarah, government isn’t the problem.  YOU are the problem with government.

9:21 – Biden made a funny about the bridge to nowhere!  And a great rebuttal about the health care system.

9:29 – Yawn.  I want to see them take the gloves off.  Maybe I’ll make myself a glass of chocolate milk.

9:30 – Oh goody!  CLIMATE CHANGE.  Well at least she acknowledges that it exists.  Biden corrects his coal gaffe of last week.  Thatta boy, stick it to them.

9:35 – Palin says the word “rape” and the ticker is showing a drop in favorability among women.

9:41 – Biden is hitting this war question out of the park.  I cannot believe that she just called Barack’s plan a “white flag of surrender”.  The fact that both of these candidates have children in the military and in the Middle East is huge.  It prevents cheap shots, for sure.  I’m staring at Palin’s potentially tatooed lip liner.  I’m kind of freaked out.

9:49 – Ever notice that sometimes Sarah Palin sounds like a leprechaun?  Where is she from again?

9:54 – Yawning again.  But wait!  A question about the Bush administration.  STOP GIVING THE CAMERA SEX EYES PALIN.

9:56 – Every time Biden said “George Bush’s”, I chuckled.  It sounded like George Bushish.  Which, in my mind, was twisted to George Bushit.  Teehee.

10:02 – Come on guys, get spicy.  But right now, Biden talking about helping Darfur is really inspiring.  He’s showing that he really knows what he’s talking about with foreign policy.  This guy knows what’s going on.  I wonder if Sarah Palin could point out Darfur on a map?  Stop talking about Alaska.  Nobody cares.

10:07 – My friend just said Palin is really into these “mom pep talks”.  Well put, sir.  Mom pep talks are not what we need though.  We need ideas.  We need someone who understands what’s going on.  Someone that reads the newspaper, perhaps.

10:17 – Defending Dick Cheney is not a strong position for Sarah Palin.

10:21 – Did Biden just choke up a bit while talking about being a single parent?  Awwww!  Make fun of him for running his mouth all you want, but this guy is genuine.

10:24 – Biden just nailed the Maverick thing.  He pointed out everything that John McCain has voted against.  That’s not being a maverick.  And he tied it back to the issues talked about at the kitchen table, just like Palin was talking about.  BRILLIANT.

10:29 – Palin’s closing statements.  Blah blah blah, Ronald Reagan, blah blah blah, her family.

10:31 – Biden reclaims the word “change” for Obama.  I’m feeling good.  God bless America.

10:40 – Naturally I want to call this for Biden.  And I think issues wise, he won.  He was is the better debater.  And I could tell he was holding himself back from the zingers that he’s so good at.  (On Rudy Guiliani: “There’s only three things he mentions in a sentence — a noun, a verb, and 9/11.”) I sort of wish he had let her have it a little bit more.

But here’s the thing about Palin– she didn’t have any egregious gaffes, which is what we were all wishing for.  Except calingl a U.S. General by the wrong name…and some other minor stuff.  Anyway, the standard was so low for her that all she really had to do was give an answer, use folksy language and bat her eyes.  I wonder what would have happened if she had been forced to do more follow up questions.  She was well-rehearsed, and it showed.  She was, after all, in beauty pageants.  Except that she isn’t really looking for world peace.

What do you think?

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3 responses to “live blogging the vice presidential showdown.

  1. I thought the most interesting and genuine moments came after the debate, when the Palin and Biden families joined their respective combatant family members on stage and mingled so freely. Don’t you wish you could have heard the small talk between all of them?
    Joe – “Ya know, I coulda really kicked your ass a coupla times out there tonight Sweetie.”
    Sarah (with that patented sexy wink and smile combo) – “Whatever J.B., we all know I’m too sexy to lose”
    Joe (holding Sarah’s elbow in his palm and leaning in closely to her ear, speaking softly) – “Listen Sarah, after the election’s over and you and the old geezer are in the white house, I hope you remember how cordial and clean I kept things here tonight and find me a nice position in the cabinet, or maybe a supreme court nomination…something?”)
    Sarah (with that genuine smile, and two fingers crossed behind her back) – “Sure Joe, you bet.
    Joe – “Thanks hon. Hey, I want to introduce my son Bo to your girl, you know, the one who’s not knocked up?”
    Sarah, (laughing) – “Sure Joe, c’mon over”
    Yeah, I’m sure there were some real genuine moments of conversation on that stage. I thought ole’ Gwen was even gonna wheel herself out there too for a great big hug, but I didn’t see her. Anyways, I’m sure it killed y’all to see the two families actually smiling and conversing like real people, above the shrill squeeling and hateful backdrop provided by the tool MSM. Not at all surprised there was no mention of the moment in your “live blog” LOL
    Lovin’ it.

  2. You have quite the imagination, Big Sid.

    I don’t mention the families on stage after the debate because that ALWAYS happens. But yes, it was lovely to see the families together forcing smiles and shaking hands.

    Why do you always end every hateful post like a McDonald’s commercial? Bah bah bah bah bah, I’m lovin’ it.

  3. Claire Collins

    Overall, I was disappointed with all candidates responses during the recent Presidential and Vice Presidential debates. Senator Biden did the best job. Somehow I feel that all the candidates are out of touch with the American populace. We are a great country that needs to refocus on what we want and need to be to help our populace and repositioned ourselves in the world economy. We are not there yet and I do not believe that either candidate running for President is able to get us there. After all, they both have been power brokers and decision makers in Congress. So now to ever be President, you must be elected and serve in Congress first. What happened to government for the people, with the people and by the people?

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