the best moment of the debate.

This is the shining moment of the debate.  This is where Biden won it.  He is just so genuine.

I keep thinking about this moment over and over.  And here is what struck me.  Without even meaning to, Biden did something very important for women in this election.  Palin plays the “mom” thing over and over again.  She’s just a hockey mom, she’s got kids, blah blah blah.  She talks about hardships.  These are things that resonate with women.  He showed that these are things that resonate with him as well.  He was a single parent.  He had to be a father, and a mother, at the same time.  So really, what he did, was show that women don’t have to vote for another woman to get someone who understands those experiences.  That’s huge.

And Sarah Palin didn’t even acknowledge what he had said or what he did.  She could have said something nice, but she didn’t.  Heartless.  Mean.  Unqualified.

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2 responses to “the best moment of the debate.

  1. Jeremy

    I didn’t realize qualifications for Vice Presidency required comforting people who cry on T.V. in front of millions of viewers. I completely sympathize with Biden but you have to use common sense and realize it must have made an akward situation for Palin on national television. I don’t care who you support but at least try to use logic when you smear someone and call them “unqualified” for a stupid reason. You know thats just being arrogant.

  2. brownisgreen

    She’s like Reagan. An actor, pretty, who can read a script in a folksy populist way when she’s rehearsed the crap out of it. The funniest part was when she stated that she likes this forum best, “unfiltered by the mainstream media,” as if it’s more genuine than actually fielding real questions in real time in a real interview. I suspect that smackfest irony will be fodder for the Fey play on SNL.
    As Reagan would say, “well, Mommy, I uh, …where’s my soup?”

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