now let’s see barack do riverdance.

Over the years I’ve been grateful to my Irish ancestors for many things; coming to America, skin so pale it’s see-through, an iron liver, Catholic guilt, etc.  So it’s not as if I needed another reason to be proud of my Irish heritage, but a little band called Hardy Drew and the Nancy Boys wrote this little ditty to celebrate Barack Obama’s election to the highest post in all the land and it’s fabulous.  They’ve been invited to perform at an inaugural ball in January and are currently recording their newest single “When President Obama Comes Home to Moneygall.” 

For those who may not remember, all the way back in month four of this now legendary 21-month long campaign, it was reported that some of Obama’s roots were planted in the small village of Moneygall, Ireland.  Moneygall, which has more pubs than traffic lights and a population of 298, was the home of the President Elect’s great-great-great grandfather Fulmuth Kearney, who left Ireland for the United States in 1850 at the age of 19.  

According to the Irish Times, the little village has already welcomed the first Obama tourists and the Taoiseach (Irish Prime Minister) Brian Cowen has extended an invitation for Obama to visit Moneygall and have a pint.    

With the job he has ahead of him, it can’t hurt Obama to have the luck of the Irish on his side.  So raise your pints because, faith and it’s a small world!, there’s no one as Irish as Barack Obama.

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  1. susannah

    so i was actually in suspense about who the guest blogger would be. yay, Madeline! excellent first post.

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