’cause down the shore everything’s alright.


Greetings, readers! It’s your favorite Jersey Shore-correspondent-turned-guest-blogger here, Madeline!  I’ll be filling in for Kathleen while she’s gallivanting around South America, living life in the adventurous way expected from twenty-somethings.  Personally, I defy those expectations by spending most of my free time watching the teevee with my dog.  How exciting for all of us. 

Kathleen has left some pretty big flip-flops to fill but she assures me that I’m well prepared as I’m unemployed and still suffering from regular bouts of post-college depression.  Still, this is a big task so I’ll start off slowly and in the way most entertaining to me: by talking about myself!  So that we can all become better acquainted I’ll follow the SWTCTW tradition set by Mallory and Kathleen: 

About Madeline

pictured above, your favorite bloggers and guest blogger

(is it weird that we have this many pictures of us snuggling in beds together?)


People/things not to be trusted: curling irons, Tyra Banks, humidity, decaf coffee.

 Unhealthily obsessed with: all things French, high heels, Bruce Springsteen, Madeleine Albright, Ireland, cocktail dresses.

Favorite Sports: skiing, tailgating, group e-mailing.

Favorite Foods: champagne, brie, peanut butter.

Six word memoir: I’m Madeline! Nice to meet you!  (Okay so that’s a temporary one but it works!)

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