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swtctw has gone global…on facebook!

Hello dear friends and readers,

We just created our Six Words fan page on Facebook! So add us! Become a fan! We’re fans of you. It’s only fair.

To do that, click HERE!

xoxo, Kathleen and Mallory

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’cause down the shore everything’s alright.


Greetings, readers! It’s your favorite Jersey Shore-correspondent-turned-guest-blogger here, Madeline!  I’ll be filling in for Kathleen while she’s gallivanting around South America, living life in the adventurous way expected from twenty-somethings.  Personally, I defy those expectations by spending most of my free time watching the teevee with my dog.  How exciting for all of us. 

Kathleen has left some pretty big flip-flops to fill but she assures me that I’m well prepared as I’m unemployed and still suffering from regular bouts of post-college depression.  Still, this is a big task so I’ll start off slowly and in the way most entertaining to me: by talking about myself!  So that we can all become better acquainted I’ll follow the SWTCTW tradition set by Mallory and Kathleen: 

About Madeline

pictured above, your favorite bloggers and guest blogger

(is it weird that we have this many pictures of us snuggling in beds together?)


People/things not to be trusted: curling irons, Tyra Banks, humidity, decaf coffee.

 Unhealthily obsessed with: all things French, high heels, Bruce Springsteen, Madeleine Albright, Ireland, cocktail dresses.

Favorite Sports: skiing, tailgating, group e-mailing.

Favorite Foods: champagne, brie, peanut butter.

Six word memoir: I’m Madeline! Nice to meet you!  (Okay so that’s a temporary one but it works!)

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just six words and a picture.


These toilets look a little fishy.

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just six words and a picture.

Palin looks lovely in dead animal.


PETA: take a look at this!

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just six words and a picture.

Here is the Chinese Gymnastics team is totally underage edition. (Note: Olympic gymnasts must be at least 16 in the year of the Olympics. Click here to read how China cheated) Below is all the evidence I needed. Haha :

Glitter? Yup. She is DEFINITELY fourteen.


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just six words and a picture.

Here is the Olympic beach volleyball edition:

Hopefully he’s got the midas touch.

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when our work’s done for us.

Thanks to NYC Correspondent Annie, we are considering starting a new regular feature: great six-word headlines where the work is done for us. For instance:

“Japan’s newest growth industry: Asian tourists”

You can read the whole article here, but don’t bother. The title’s the only entertaining part. Keep an eye out for more of these, or send your own excellent six-word headlines to sixwordstochangetheworld@gmail.com.

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