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attention readership: it’s free slurpee day!

Huzzah! Time to head over to the nearest 7-Eleven and get your free Slurpee– perhaps it will help you fight the heat. And if you live in DC with only one AC unit in your apartment, like yours truly, you need it.

Here’s the link to the store locator: http://www.7-eleven.com/locator.aspx

And I just figured this out while writing the post… want to know why today is free Slurpee day? Because it’s 7/11. JULY 11th! Ahh! So simple.

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all grown up and buying domains.

Readers, we’ve gone legitimate! That’s right, SWTCTW now has its very own domain name. We are free of the shackles of the unwieldy .wordpress! HOORAY! Visit us now at www.sixwordstochangetheworld.com. (Don’t worry, www.sixwordstochangetheworld.wordpress.com will still work, but that’s just SO much typing.)

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swtctw has gone global…on facebook!

Hello dear friends and readers,

We just created our Six Words fan page on Facebook! So add us! Become a fan! We’re fans of you. It’s only fair.

To do that, click HERE!

xoxo, Kathleen and Mallory

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kathleen and mallory now twitter. tweet?


Honestly, I don’t understand Twitter at all.  I’ve been wrestling with it for AT LEAST 30 minutes trying to get it to show up on this here bloggy.  Ugh.  But hooray!  Mal and I are now joining the rest of society and Twittering (tweeting?) on the Interwebs.  So follow us!  See how I’m picking up on the new lingo?



Do it.  Everyone else is.  All the cool kids are.  Peer pressure!

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