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marcel the shell with shoes on.

Guys, I know. I have posted like four times in the past year, Kathleen is officially Internet dead, I’ve missed 18 Google Holidays, all I post is videos, OUR PETS’ HEADS ARE FALLING OFF. But I don’t know…it’s hard to get out of a blogging rut! I don’t know how people with jobs and babies and stuff manage to blog and also exercise and feed themselves. It’s amazing!

My little sis just posted a link to this video on my wall, and it made me realize that I still haven’t posted this on the bloggy! I have, of course, seen it about a million times. (Sorry Mads…you’re way out of the loop.) When I recently visited Miss Mouse in NYC, we lounged in her bed and watched this maybe five times in a row. And then the day after that, I watched it about five times in a row with Debbie and Kels. I just can’t get enough. So if you’re like Maddy and have been living under a rock slash hiding from the world under your lima bean hat, allow me to introduce you to Marcel the Shell with Shoes On:

Happy Thursday, strangers!

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just six words and a link.

Wow. I hope this is real.

(Thanks to Bessell for the tip!)

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what type of facebooker are you?

I thought after I graduated from college, I would become less of a Facebook fiend.  Sadly, I’m in my sophomore year after graduation and I probably spend more time on the social networking black hole than ever.

I enjoy cyber-stalking on Facebook just as much as the next guy, but there are several types of Facebookers that drive me absolutely insane.  This article categorizes them perfectly.  Without a doubt, the Sympathy-Baiter is by far the worst, followed closely by the Chronic-Inviter.


By the way, if you read this article and believe yourself to be none of the above, there is a good chance that you are all 12.

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the late friday afternoon grab bag.


The weekend is within our grasp, friends!  Here are some quick and things to look at before you go out for a raging Friday night and Mallory and I roadtrip to New Jersey for a conference with some of our bloggy correspondents (aka our best friends from college…minus a few.  You’ll be missed!)

  • Facebook is turning five years old, and we haven’t gotten tired of it yet.  Check out this piece (I may or may not know the journo behind it.) and DEFINITELY watch the video to see a 96-year-old man talk about the single most devastating factor to my college GPA.  Click HERE to read the story!
  • This is weird.  All 14-year-old Corby Cowart wanted to do was taste the rainbow.  His mother said yes, and he went to grab a bag of Skittles and he found a bag of cocaine in the Skittles box.  Yikes.  He said he knew what it was because he watches the TV show “COPS”.  Dammit, I HATE IT when stupid shows on the teevee actually teach kids stuff.  (Please refer to the story about Grayson Wynne)  According to Corby and his mama, the manager of the CVS laughed it off. Seriously?  The manager disputes the claim.  Of course.
  • Don’t copy that floppy!  A hilarious old video to prevent the young folk from copying computer games on the floppy disks.  Stunningly bad acting, floppy disks and a Fresh Prince style rapper?  Yup, welcome back to the 90s. 
  • Katie Holmes made her much anticipated “So You Think You Can Dance” appearance last night.  BORING.  Honestly, all she did was walk around and occasionally twirl.  And the lip syncing was out of control.  Not impressed.

That’s all for now, Folks!

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swtctw has gone global…on facebook!

Hello dear friends and readers,

We just created our Six Words fan page on Facebook! So add us! Become a fan! We’re fans of you. It’s only fair.

To do that, click HERE!

xoxo, Kathleen and Mallory

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pixar’s “up” soaring so far. (HA!)

Despite the fact that I write for a blog that often focuses wacky celebrity gossip, and despite the fact that I’m a young person with plenty of access to and knowledge of technology, I often entirely miss major pieces of pop culture news. As in, some things on “I Love 2009” will be totally new to me. A few recent cases in point: I’m just starting to know the words to “Just Dance” — don’t talk to me about “Poker Face,” because I don’t know that I’ve heard it. I also don’t understand some basic Facebook commands. Yesterday, whilst Facebooking stalking (that I know), I clicked some button that was apparently the wrong button to get where I wanted to go. And I was flat out mocked by my companions, including my sister, who told me that she was ashamed to be related to me.

I’m not super concerned about things like this. I know that Lady GaGa wears weird apparatuses (apparati?) on her head, and I know how to use Facebook to find out which of my middle school friends are knocked up. That’s about all I need. But I have been hearing an awful lot about this movie called Up. In the past 24 hours or so, a bunch of people have been talking about it, and it’s gotten to the point where I can’t pretend to understand the references anymore. (Comments like “Oh, ha ha, yeah, the dog with the talking collar” or “Right, houses tied to balloons, genius” only work for so long.)

Being the modern day Nancy Drew that I am, I YouTubed that shiz, and here’s what I found:

Now, while that preview is cute, it doesn’t exactly make me want to leave work early, pick up some Red Vines, and run to the nearest theater to see the movie. I do have faith in Pixar, though (like Google and Mac, they seem to never screw up), and comments on Rotten Tomatoes are astonishingly good. And if the movie can make me cry within the first 15 minutes, as one Rotten Tomatoes commenter said Up did for her, you know I’ll be an easy sell.

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youtube clip of today: facebook manners.

In case you haven’t figured out Facebook yet, here is a quick guide to Facebook etiquette.  You might get a little chuckle out of this.  It’s quite silly, and because Facebook is so deeply embedded in our culture now, you will at the very least be able to relate to it a little.  Sorry I haven’t been posting much!  That changes today!

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