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today is a google holiday, hooray!

I am thankful for Google Holidays.

Today’s Google Holiday: Ina Garten’s Thanksgiving Recipes from Google. Holy cranberry sauce, you guys. This is two of my favorite things combined! I’d recommend not looking at the recipes if it’s midnight and you have no food in your apartment.

What I was Googling: L’Occitane. Hostess gift…Mouser, don’t tell Merrimom.

Hope you all get a short day tomorrow and are preparing to put your waistband expanders to good use!

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marcel the shell with shoes on.

Guys, I know. I have posted like four times in the past year, Kathleen is officially Internet dead, I’ve missed 18 Google Holidays, all I post is videos, OUR PETS’ HEADS ARE FALLING OFF. But I don’t know…it’s hard to get out of a blogging rut! I don’t know how people with jobs and babies and stuff manage to blog and also exercise and feed themselves. It’s amazing!

My little sis just posted a link to this video on my wall, and it made me realize that I still haven’t posted this on the bloggy! I have, of course, seen it about a million times. (Sorry Mads…you’re way out of the loop.) When I recently visited Miss Mouse in NYC, we lounged in her bed and watched this maybe five times in a row. And then the day after that, I watched it about five times in a row with Debbie and Kels. I just can’t get enough. So if you’re like Maddy and have been living under a rock slash hiding from the world under your lima bean hat, allow me to introduce you to Marcel the Shell with Shoes On:

Happy Thursday, strangers!

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today is a google holiday, hooray!

It’s also a Google Holiday…what fun!

Google Holiday: Happy Holidays from Google! (So meta, eh, E.Lee?)

What I was Googling: what does (for more Google predictor fun, of course)

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today is a google holiday, hooray!

Picture 1

Today’s Google Holiday: Um, crop circles? National Geographic has no explanation for this, so neither do I. Ohmygod guys it’s a mystery, JUST LIKE REAL CROP CIRCLES.

What I was Googling: Technically, nothing. I was busy all day and of course was Googling things because how else do people find things, and the Google Holiday was TAUNTING me, but I had no time to post. Here I am, though! Here to tell you that I have no idea what this Holiday means. Google why you gotta be so mysterious?

INSTANT UPDATE: Christian Science Monitor has more ideas. Maybe this is a teaser for something Google is launching soon? Maybe it’s related to that new Dan Brown book? I bet Patrick Swayze could have explained it to us.

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today is a google holiday, hooray!

It’s a Google Holiday AND it’s Saturday AND I have nothing to do except lounge and eat delicious food later. Does life get any better?

Today’s Google Holiday: MJ’s birthday. Today would have been Michael Jackson’s 51st. I’m underwhelmed by this one. I’m over the MJ thing. I was that person who really just didn’t care that he died. I know that sounds awful but I see the situation in one of two ways: 1) he was a good and talented guy who had a really screwy and sad life, so honestly he’s probably better off, or 2) he maybe molested little children, so good riddance. That sounds really mean typed out. Meh.

What I was Googling: metro dc

mj google holiday

In MJ’s birthday honor, let’s listen to MY favorite Michael Jackson song: “I Want You Back.” Thriller Schmiller. The Jackson 5 = summertime and slurpees. Love it. And you’re welcome for the English AND Spanish Portuguese (oops) subtitles. YouTube videos are so funny:

Have a good weekend, kids!

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today is a google holiday, hooray!

I had a FEELING today would be a Google Holiday, and hooray, I was right!

Today’s Google Holiday: The 400th anniversary of Galileo’s telescope. According to this exceptionally that’s-what-she-said-y sentence in The Guardian, the telescope was “a refinement of models first devised in the Netherlands [and] Galileo’s slim, brown stick was puny even by the standards of something one might buy in a hobby shop today.” Italics mine because REALLY?! Poorly chosen wording aside, this telescope thing is responsible for much of our knowledge about the solar system. With Galileo’s slim, brown stick, the world learned that the moon is not completely smooth, that Jupiter has moons, and that the Earth just might not be the center of the universe. Obviously, the Catholic church was pissed off, but we are eternally grateful, eh? Thanks, Galileo! [Somewhat unrelated side note: my fifth-grade science fair project was all about Pluto, and now that Pluto has been demoted, I feel like such a fraud.]

What I was Googling: georgetown yates field house

august 25

Also, did you know that other people (like The Guardian) call Google Holidays “Google Doodles”? WHATEVER, PEOPLE.

And while we are just throwing side notes left and right, number seven on today’s list of hot Google Trends is “how to make shake and bake meth.” Funny, because that’s what I Googled right after “georgetown yates field house.”

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today is a google holiday, hooray!

Man, two Google Holidays in one week! I can hardly believe our luck. I think this means I am going to win the lottery tomorrow. (I did buy a ticket. If I get the $213 million, I’ll send you each a $20. You’re welcome.)

Today’s Google Holiday: Hans Christian Ørsted’s birthday. (Um, YAY?) Basically he began the study of electromagnetism, which means we can thank him for the fact that there’s light when we flick a light switch. Thanks, Hans!

What I was Googling: tube TV

tube tv

And really…if anyone knows what a tube TV is, please let me know. Google kind of failed me on that one.

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