hey zuckerberg: facebook me, marry me.

Forbe’s released their list of the top 400 wealthiest people in the universe yesterday.  The list, which says marital status, is like a guidebook for golddiggers!  (Though I suppose if you are a real golddigger, you don’t care what their marital status is.)  And guess who was on it?  Marky Mark Zuckerberg!  He is the youngest person on the list–he’s 24–and has a sweet 1.5 billion dollars.  Damnnnnn.  I wish I had created something as addictive as Facebook from my dorm room too. Most of the time in my dorm room was spent watching Law and Order with our South Korea Correspondent.  And it was awesome.

So when I was looking at pictures of MZ (just in case I ever run into him), something struck me about this photo.

See it? Haha.

Rumor has it that Mark has a girlfriend, Priscilla Chan, who also works on Facebook.  Oh well.  I hate the new Facebook anyway.

Perhaps I can set my sights on Beanie Babies founder Ty Warner.  He’s apparently single.  Kiddddding.

Click here for the Forbes article.

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2 responses to “hey zuckerberg: facebook me, marry me.

  1. Transcender of Politics

    who are you kiddddddding? we all know you love beanie babies in a somewhat frightening sense.

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