joseph petcka is a huge jerkface.

Former minor league baseball player and “actor” Joseph Petcka killed his girlfriend’s cat. (His girlfriend, well let me make an assumption and say EX-girlfriend, is Sports Illustrated writer Lisa Altobelli.)  Why would anyone do that?  Well according to court papers, he yelled “You love that cat more than me!”.  Whoa.  That is absolutely pathetic on his part.  And then he kicked poor Norman the cat to death.  The terrible story should end there, but it doesn’t.  Today is the start of Petcka’s trial and here is what he says.  Killing 7 lb. Norman was–and I am not making this up–self defense.  Norman was apparently biting him.  Wahhhh wahhhh, Joseph.  Grow a pair and then grow up.  You aren’t a man, you’re a monster.

Here is Norman–RIP little buddy.

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  1. Jewell

    What kind of sick jerk do you have to be to beat a cat to death? And his lawyer offered such a pathetically skewed rendition of events. All the jury has to do is take a look at the animal’s injuries and Petcka is going to jail. They may want to seriously consider that a person who would do such a thing, then lie about it is disturbed. Not just an alcoholic, but mentally unstable. A boy in a man’s body, and a mental case at that. I hope he goes to jail and thinks about that cat’s last moments on this earth, spent in agonizing pain. What a jerk. How sad for that animal.

  2. Jewell

    Also, there is no “allegedly” about it. He admits he beat the cat, so we can dispense with the “innocent until proven guilty” thing.

  3. Jennifer

    Playing devil’s advocate, can we arrest all the mexicans who work in meat processing plants, or is hitting a cow between the eyes with a pneumatic hammer somehow different? Would it have been different if Petcka had been employed to kill cats, if he had eaten the cat, or if the animal had been a snake or something else? I’m not defending the man, just wondering where we draw the line.

  4. Madeline

    Not to make light of this because I agree that this dude’s a huge jerkface but is anybody else thinking about Dwight Schrute right now?

  5. Brennan

    To Jennifer: Are you trying to tell me that the Mexicans all think their Girlfriends or Boyfriends love the cows more than them? You are taking the circumstances way out of context, with racist over tones (who says all meat processing plants are run by Mexicans?). And if you cant understand that then I weep for our generation.

  6. Tina

    As a catmom of 4, I say take his baseball bat and beat him to death with it. It only seems fitting.

  7. sharon

    BASTA*D coward
    Proves how little his p*nis is!

  8. sharon

    No wonder baseball players are always grabbing themselves – “Do I have any yet?”
    Piece of crap loser – maybe you can learn how to use a litter box in the cell you should be in.

  9. Mark

    Geez, you people are pathetic to the nth degree! How rediculous is it that you bestow human rights onto an animal? IT IS ONLY A CAT!!

    Don’t get me wrong, I am an avid animal lover. I personally own a dog (Emma), a cat (Kitty-Kitty), a Bird (Nikki), and have had numerous other pets to place my ownership on. But as much as I love my pets, they are still just pets. I think that a guy who kills a cat in a fit of rage is deplorable, but to give him 2 years in jail?!? That is absolutely rediculous!!! There seems to be a lot of people that really need to evaluate what sorts of things are important in life. I can just picture it now…3 guys sitting in the prison yard discussing thier respective crimes..”I raped 3 women”, says the first. “I robbed a bank at gunpoint” says the second. The third merely says in a quiet tone with his head down “I killed a kitty”

  10. jake

    the length of jail time, if any, is not based on what you killed per se, it’s punishment for the exhibition of out of control, cruel, and sadistic behavior–what would you think a crazy guy like this should receive? two weeks? two months? Bottom line if you are a violent out of control human, doing harm to living creatures while you live out your pathetic little life, there will be consequences, or we are not a civilized society.

  11. Mark

    Jake, sorry to report, but we are not much of a civilized society if we lump a cat killer in the same catagory as a human killer. If we were to start parselling out jail time for everything that offended someone,(anyone), somewhere, at some time, we would end up with more inmates than free people in very short order. As far as punishment, perhaps 100 hrs of community service in an animal rescue or shelter would be appropriate, for example. I feel as though a better use of the courts time would be spending more time on “human against human” violations, as there seems to be no end to those tragedies.

  12. tc

    Man, this guy is an idiot. Hopefully, he’ll be made an example of and prosecuted to the fullest extent. To the person who stated “it’s only a cat”, come on. It was a someone’s pet for 7 years that was taken away in a violent manner. I figure it’s worthless to say have a heart because you’ve already demonstrated yours is small.

    It’s a sad day when this kinda of thing happens. I’ll echo others here, RIP little buddy.

  13. Lisa

    If I had a plane ticket, I’d travel to where this pathetic coward is and beat him to death myself. If he had killed the girlfriend, everyone would say he deserved jail time. “It’s just a cat” is the most cold and insensitive thing I’ve heard in a while. I’m surprised Mark even bothers to have pets. If someone hurt one of my cats, I swear to God I would lose my mind and end up in jail for MURDER.

  14. Beverly

    I agree Lisa. I’d probably kill the person who caused my cat to suffer. The thing with me is that death itself isn’t bad, it’s suffering that’s bad. If someone killed my cat in a manner where it did not suffer at all, I’d be extremely mad, but I wouldn’t feel like killing the person. (I’d put him in jail though.) Does anyone agree with me that suffering is worse than death?

  15. sick, sick sick who gives any human the right to take the life of another? Human or animal.
    It is so sad ….

    rot in jail!

  16. Jason

    Im glad to see that most people here share my sentiment. This guy is a piece of sh*t. What the h*ll makes anyone think animal abuse is ever ok?

    My cats are family.

    Tina – I really like your bat idea. This guy plays ball eh? Batter up. Id love to take a swing.

    I hope he does a stint in prison where he finds a new meaning of the word abuse.

  17. Mark

    Would you nut jobs just listen to yourselves?

    You’re saying that killing a person that killed an animal is OK?!?!

    You people are the twisted freaks here. I agree that killing a cat is not the right thing to do, but to say you would kill the human who killed the cat is insane. As someone earlier stated, perhaps all of the people who kill animals for the food industry should be put in jail. Maybe we should go out and round up all of the hunters in the country and put them in jail, as I know that not all of them are expert marksmen. Every one of you has, or knows someone who has at one time hit an animal with thier car. Did they stop, back up, and make sure that the animal was properly dispatched, or did they drive on? Maybe we should round up all of those worthless idiots and put them in jail too….You people appear as though you have lost the ability to reason, which I guess puts you on the same level as the animals that you would kill humans to protect.

  18. Ann

    I hope the guys in prison take a “real likin’ to him”, then beat him to death. Jerk!!!!!

  19. Rob in Florida

    Joseph Petcka, is panty wearing sissy faggot,coward, this is a clearly evident fact. Send him to us in Florida, we have animals in the everglades to take care of douche bags like him, this guy definitely is not a man, but a cowardly little faggot.

    Don’t worry Ann, his dance card will be full every night he’s in jail.

    Mark, let me know when I can come to your house and kill your pets, since your OK with all this guy.

  20. Emily


    If you think the people here are such nut jobs, why not find another blog instead of sitting here spreading your insults. I am a huge animal lover and have a higher regard for animals than I do for idiots like you. To each his own, if you don’t agree with the people here, then find another blog to read.

  21. Dan

    The fact that he killed the cat is horrible enough. But imagine how the girl feels. If someone killed my cat I would probably go nuts, I love my cat more than a lot of people. Everyone arguing that it’s ridiculous to give him jail time for killing a cat might be right. But two years for the emotional stress he bestowed upon that poor girl seems just about right.

  22. Pat

    I hope this jackass spends time in jail along with a fine. If I had been the girl involved, when I left, I would have taken the cat with me.
    He is a nut case, a savage bas****!

  23. Mark

    So Emily,

    I guess that only people who agree with you should be allowed to participate in this forum, Huh? Strange…..

    Many of the posts on this blog are showing the exact same contempt for humans that the bonehead that killed that cat showed for the cat. Do you people not see that by advocating violence on this “offender”, you fall to the same level as the bonehead that committed the offense? By reason of your own words, you have become exactly like the guy you’re bashing!!

  24. Teri

    He does deserve to be beat with a baseball bat! As for Mark, I am concerned about the safety of his animals if he sees this as OK! Maybe the Humane Society should pay old Mark a visit!

  25. Mets Suck

    Animals are innocent – and that’s the difference. I’d like to beat his ass – but he’s not here right now. If I ever get the chance, he’s toast.

  26. vlad

    Mark last I checked you get a bit more for killing a human in a drunken rage. The average time for manslaughter and murder is about 20 years. Even man 2 depraved indifference is 10 years. Before you open your mouth try not to sound too stupid. So 2 years is quite fair. One for just plain old gutless cruelty and for the assault on the girlfriend.

    Personally if someone did that to one of my pets I’d definitely (if caught) be doing life without the possibility of parole. Plus extra aggravated torture or getting the needle.

    As far as the food animals question. If the kill is quick and humane that’s one thing, cause guess what we all are going to die sometimes. Those who torture food animals should get the same damn thing.

  27. Scott

    This guy is extremely disturbed. Killing a domesticated animal that is a pet to someone is way wrong. However comparing it to killing a cow for nurishment is wrong as well. We eat cows, and keep cats as pets. There is a heirarchy here. No one is giving Betsy cow-nip and letting her play with yarn in the ol’ barnyard. Please don’t compare the two.

  28. Emily


    It’s one thing to express a different opinion and another to insult good people because they feel differently than you do about something. Animal lovers are kind, compassionate people that you will, obviously, never understand. People should get angry about acts like this against innocent animals. That cat did not deserve to die in that manner and I’m sick of people downplaying violence against animals, especially since people like this often move on to committing violent acts against people.

  29. Rebecca

    And does anybody wonder why she loved this precious cat more than him? Because he’s one of the lowest lifeforms on this planet. I say he deserves the most jail time they can give him for all the suffering his EX-girlfriend has had to go through, losing a beloved pet like in such a horrible way. If he hit the cat – of course the cat is going to try to fight back and maybe it did bite him in self defense – but come on – to kill it like that? A lot of people love their pets more than people – and can you blame them????

  30. While I certainly don’t advocate beating him to death, I hope he gets the max. I’m not sure 2 years is enough for killing an innocent cat.

    Mark, someone can go to jail longer than 2 years for theft, so why should 2 years sentence for killing a living creature be considered so outrageous?

  31. rm

    I agree with Lisa and Emily, I think this coward/faggot should die the same death as the poor cat. And you, Mark, sounds like another stupid and should not be allowed to have any pets. I think the Humane Society should pay you a visit!

  32. Mallory

    Wow. This is the mosted heated debate on the blog since McCain dropped the Sarah Palin bomb on us. Honestly, I agree that this guy is a sick fuck. To take any animal’s life in such an inhumane way is unarguably wrong. If someone beat a moose to death instead of shooting it or smashed a cow between the eyes with a hammer, I’d lump them in the same category as Mr. Petcka. And I know that animals are treated that terribly in slaughterhouses every day, and it’s just as terrible as this case.

    Just because Petcka didn’t kill a human doesn’t mean that he shouldn’t be punished. There are laws against animal abuse and situations like this should certainly be illegal. Two years in jail isn’t THAT long.

    And animal owners…honestly, picture if someone kicked your dog/cat to death. Would you want them to go unpunished?

  33. Rob in Florida

    The only reason it was a Cat than ended up dead, is because the woman had no children, if she did, this would be another story, anyone who would beat an innocent Cat as severe as he did would hurt a child in the same way, people like this should be locked up and/or put down.

  34. Kat J

    I am absolutely enraged. I read the story and feel sick to my stomach. I have always had a pet over the years and I look at my best little buddy, my cat and could never imagine something like that happening to him. You better believe I would go ape shit on that guy and probably end up trying to bash his empty head in. And I am not a violent person. He is a sick, mentally unstable person that would only be as apt to kill a child or other human. He needs the maximum sentence and I agree the thought of his jail house experiences with the big ol boys that love animals brings me a sense of delight. Too bad we can’t take it to the streets and all of us of like mind gather and show a little bit of public outrage. How long would the prick last.

  35. marisa

    That guy is sick as hell. Anyone who would beat an innocent, defenseless animal to death is a real piece of work and an absolute psycho.

    Two years is hardly enough for that b*stard.

    We really do need to reform our animal rights laws.

    RIP Norman.

  36. Mark

    Emily, et al,

    The funny thing is, I do understand where all of you are coming from. I, unlike most of you (probably), grew up on a farm in rural USA. I know very well the difference between a “food” animal and a “pet” animal.

    The point that I am trying to make with you people is that while killing the cat is wrong, and placing the suffering on his girlfriend is equally wrong or worse, doesn’t the logic that you are dictating here make it apparent that ANY violence is wrong? Even violence against the perpetrator of the crime? The reason I decided to speak out on this blog was because of the rampant hipocrisy that I read in almost all of the posts. You all are saying how evil this man must be for his actions, but you resort to the same kind of actions that this guy did to mete some sort of punishment on him. It doesn’t matter what your justification for the violence is, you are still guilty of perpetuating violence.

    I understand everyones outrage about this incident, but where is all of the outrage about the violence spoken aganst this man? Does he deserve the violence? Probably. Is it right to subject him to violence in reprisal? I don’t think so. So my problem with this whole thing is NOT whether or not killing the cat was wrong, because I believe that it was. The question is whether or not it is ok to place the same deplorable violence on the man, or by doing so, have you just become what it is that you are condemning? I contend that the people on this blog who wish violence on this man are no different than him.

  37. rm

    You are right, since we are no different than him, I am starting to wish violence on you!!!

  38. Dino

    Absolutely disgusting. How people can be so cruel to innocent, defenseless animals is just incomprehensible to me. As an owner of two lovely cats, one of whom is an orange-and-white tabby, I couldn’t even imagine the pain that an abused animal endures at the hands of such a heartless monster, not to mention the heartache suffered by the animal’s owner.

    There should be a special hell for such low, mean, contemptible, despicable vermin who think that their tantrums justify the taking of a precious little life.

  39. jake

    mark, your last post seemed a bit disingenuous, and quite a shift from your original position, that being that the cat-killer did not deserve jail. Now, your position is that he does not deserve to be tortured. These are two very different questions indeed. It would appear that you may just one of “those people” who like stirring things up a bit for the heck of it. Bottom line is that this guy broke the law, so now he pays the price. No doubt that this is not the first act of violence he has committed, against either human or animal, and i suspect it won’t be his last.

  40. Mark

    Here is a little story for all y’all. I want you to tell me what I should do.

    I have a cat (Kitty Kitty) that has to go outside every night because he just doesn’t want to stay in. My wife and I have found that if he stays in the house at night he wakes us up at 2:30 am every morning wanting to go out. He attacks our toes, licks our faces, and meows so damn loud that he wakes everyone in the house up. So, we just put him out before bed so we can sleep through the night.

    Kitty Kitty goes out and kills mice, birds, chipmunks, squirrels, rabbits, and everything else he gets his paws on. He loves to bring his trophies to our front door and leave them there for us to see. Sometimes the creatures he leaves there haven’t been completely dispatched and I have to finish the job.

    Seeing how Kitty Kitty is guilty of killing wittle bunny wabbits wif fluffy white tails that have never caused him any harm and sometimes leaves them suffering on my front porch, should I subject him to the same punishments that all of you think is OK?

    Should I kill the cat?

  41. Leslie

    He deserves far more than 2 years. I would be more than happy to bestow upon him the pain that he put that innocent little kitty through. Mark, you have no soul. I am sure that it will be you someday that committs a horrible crime against society, because you have no ability to feel the pain of others. Get help before it is too late, please.

  42. bb

    The defense attorney is a moron. Read this email he sent to somebody who was concerned about the case.


    I am amazed that you would find the time for a silly diatribe like this but
    I guess people have excess time on their hands.
    It might make you feel better to move to a place where people are guilty
    until proven innocent and have no right to a lawyer since that scenario seems to
    comport with your views much more than the way in which the justice system
    works here.

    As for me I sleep very well knowing that I devote my life to the defense of
    justice and am sure that payback will reward me and the rewards garnered by
    people like you will be commensurate with both your intolerance and lack of

    Be well and read the constitution (although for you it is probably a horror

    16 Court Street
    Brooklyn, NY 11241
    (71 855-4800
    fax 855-4877

    Email him and tell him how outraged you are by his behavior and his client.

  43. Suz

    There is no question when an innocent victim is abused (whether animal or human) we feel angry, helpless and we want revenge. Obviously the abuser is sick and there is no justification in what this guy did. He deserves to be held accountable for what he did, despite of his excuses. I agree killing or abusing him in retaliation won’t resolve this, but for the rest of his life he will be known for what he did. Perhaps this event will even make him grow a conscious, I only hope so.

    As far as hunting goes, it usually for food and survival, hopefully not for the pleasure of hurting an animal. I personally do not believe in hunting for sport, but for survival is another thing. Before the American Indians would hunt, they usually say a prayer of thanks and take what they need and utilize the whole animal. Unfortunately, that privilege became abused because of greed and lack of respect to nature and our environment.

    Also we unfortunately have sick people that think its okay to abuse an animal before slaughter. Like the abuse that was reported about a pig farm. Here is the following link but I warn you it’s a horrific story:

    We all have a responsibility to treat the gift we are given on this earth with dignity and that includes all living creatures. As much as we want to strike out at this sick human being, let’s instead make a donation to an animal shelter, or volunteer, and it doesn’t have to be an animal shelter, but to help those in need. Let’s take this anger and turn it into something positive by supporting stiffer laws for animal abuse. I believe this will help us to empower us instead of feeling helpless. Let’s remember Norman by taking positive action.

  44. jake

    For the sake of all of us Mark, please, get a life–that is the most ridiculous analogy that i have ever read. Animals killing in the “wild” is basic instinct. A man savagely beating his girlfriend’s pet cat in a rage is a crime. You are a fool, one who remindes me of the male engineer juror for the Phil Spector murder trial who would not convict because he felt that it was indeed possible that the murder victim decided to go to a stranger’s house at 3:00 AM to commit suicide.

  45. Renee

    The cold bloodied coward is less than human and deserves no second chances to hurt innocent beings. I honestly hope that the piece of trash is iced in prison, and I hope that it is long and painful. My heart goes out to the owner of sweet little Norman. Two years is a slap on the wrist for the horrible crime he committed. I am going to write my representatives right now and demand that animal cruelty laws be strengthened. We all know that abusers that hurt animals, will also hurt others especially children.

  46. Mark


    So, your saying that just because man has been killing man since, well, time began, and that man had to kill to survive for eons, that killing isn’t part of mans nature? It couldn’t be, although one of the more base instincts, an instict regardless?

  47. Jeff


    You are trying to defend what people of integrity recognize is not defendable, the abuse of the innocent and the helpless.

  48. boo


    I reread your postings (in order) and to me it seems that you started all this by insulting the previous posters -“Geez, you people are pathetic to the nth degree! How rediculous is it that you bestow human rights onto an animal? IT IS ONLY A CAT!!”. You then go on to claim ownership of your pets. I think if a person really loves animals they do not “own” them but share their life & time with them. Do you think you own the people in your life as well? The fact that you think you own your pets means you consider them objects – not beings that have as much right to exist as you do.
    You try to claim that you are outraged by human violence but think nothing should be done to punish this sick f*ck who beat a 7 lb cat to death. Oh, wait – you think putting him to work at an animal shelter would be a good punishment. Do you think child molesters should do community service at day care centers?
    I don’t think you are so outraged about the violent thoughts directed at this creep as you are worried that you might find yourself in his shoes someday. You seem to have no respect for anyone/anything other than yourself and are frightened by the idea that others might be willing to harm you if you were to give them a reason.
    You said you were prompted to make your first post because of the hypocrisy of the earlier post but there was only one post prior to yours that advocated violence to the scumbag (not counting the strange comment by the vegan). I contend that you are not too different than the creep who killed the cat.

    “Man perfected by society is the best of all animals; he is the most terrible of all when he lives without law, and without justice.”

    “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

  49. Rob in Florida

    Mark must be a Republican, first he was against it and he’s for it.

  50. Ken

    Where can I sign up to support the DA for relection who is prosecuting this subhuman smear of smegma? Cats are such awesome animals, so full of love and personality … I am a dog person but without hesitation I would kill anyone that threatened my girlfriends cats (I love them that much). I am not saying that the cat’s life is more important than the human’s life, it’s the senseless act of cruelty and violence that makes that person deserving of death. No creature, pet or human should have to have their life taken away by senseless violence.

  51. Ken

    It literally makes me sick to my stomach thinking of this cat, scared and in agony, dying alone under the bed wondering where his human was in his last moments. Rot in hell Joe Petcka you piece of sh!t. My only hope is that the jury hurts you and that the men you’re forced to spend two years with give you some “prison justice” to remember.

  52. Ken

    Also, as a Paramedic in Florida I witness some very amazing acts of kindness and some very horrible atrocities people commit against each other but it is always worse when animals are brought into the mix … most people would consider me a “Man’s man” in most respects but violence against animals is the ultimate low. People often get beat up or harmed for actions they cause, but it’s very rare that an animal ever deserves the violence that is inflicted upon them. Animals don’t do things from malice.

  53. Ed

    I’ve read that the maximum this despicable piece of subhuman garbage can get is two years. That would be far too lenient. I’d like to toss him into a cage with a hungry tiger – no, make that a fed tiger, who would toy with him.

    How is it possible to do something like that to a helpless animal? This wasn’t a case of an instant of rage – and even that would be terrible – in which the animal was hit once before he thought “oh no, what did I do!?” It continued, brutally, the poor cat (who no doubt trusted humans) dying in great terror and agony and pain. Thinking about what he went through really puts a knot in my stomach.

    As for the self defense explanation: Bull! Even if the cat had bitten or scratched him, a single retaliation would have stopped it – but Norman was brutalized continuously.

    Animals don’t act from malice. This was a completely innocent creature.

    I hope his fellow inmates (who doubtless will know why he’s in prison) pay this scum back.

    P.S. Lisa, if you’re looking for a boyfriend, I’m a non cat-beater.

  54. Monica

    I just pray this sorry excuse for a human being never leaves prison alive. Anyone capable of this type of cruelty is a danger to all helpless people and animals alike. I am sure that this is not the first person or animal he has hurt. The evil that he has done will haunt me for a long time to come. I only wish that I could have been there to protect poor little Norman. Needless to say, I wish every horrible thing that can happen on him. Maybe his cell mate will be an animal lover.

  55. Monica

    If anyone did this to one of my beloved pets, I would happily spend the rest of my life in prison for serving justice on the evil perp. I pray that this violent devil never leaves prison alive. He is a danger to all helpless living creatures around him, especially children. It is a proven fact that those that abuse animals, also abuse humans. Not that I for one minute think that humans are much more valuable then animals.They are not. Cats are one of God’s best and most loving creations.

  56. catlover

    Two years that’s all he can get for those terrible actions? That is so unfair. A monster like this should never walk amoung society again.

  57. Rob in Florida

    Monica, I couldn’t agree with you more about your comments on the Cats. And remember that most serial killers tortured and killed animals as children, I will bet this guy (Petcka) has many small bodies buried his backyard.

  58. Ed

    Just a comment on Mark’s nonsensical post in which he claims that by advocating violence on the offender, we fall to the same level as he.

    The difference is between inflicting violence on an innocent creature, and inflicting violence on a person guilty of the brutal, cruel killing of an innocent creature.

    The same sort of bad “rationale” is used to argue against the death penalty. Opponents will sometimes argue that executing a killer person “brings us to the level” of the killer.

    Murders come in many categories – in rare cases they may even be justified or praiseworthy.

    However, executing a scumbag who brutalized and killed children is not the same as what the scumbag himself did.

    He killed *innocent* children.

    We killed a *guilty* subhuman scumbag (insuring he will never do it again).

  59. Emily

    Ed –

    Could not have said it better. Thank you.

  60. Ken

    Sometimes I really love America when I can read message boards and realize there are so many good people out there who want to defend the powerless, who want to do what’s right, who want to punish the wicked. You guys make me proud.

  61. Dana

    This guy damn well should have jail time. Considering the percentage of people who torcher animals and then go on to murder humans. If he murders a human everyone will say “Oh, why didn’t we see any signs to prevent this” heres the sign. You torcher an animal your a threat to society. Mark, this was not an accident he did not accidentally hit an animal or hunt it for food. He sadistically beat it on purpose. Plus that cat had an owner. People who steal and destroy cars go to jail. People who destroy other people’s property as a way to hurt and harass them go to jail. It’s not “just the cat” it’s Joe’s sadism. That alone should send him to jail. Because people like him go on to do the same to humans. And you obviously have no respect for companion animal welfare and should probably reconsider caring for them.

  62. Dana

    Oh forgot to add, a man in NJ was jailed for two years for flushing cats down his toilet drowning them to death. He got these cats from those stupid “free to a good home ads” (which are never a good thing to do to a pet). In the paper recently there was a small article on how he had to go to the hospital for a short while. Fellow prisoners don’t take to kindly to people who hurt innocent living things. He got his arse kicked BIG time. I can’t wait till they get their hands on Joe.

  63. Jennifer

    Mark raises many valid points.

    This debate is divided into two camps.

    1) Mark’s camp, who is trying to reason through this, make moral equivalences, and reconcile disparities ( i.e. why are killer cats better than cat killers, or why is a cow on a lesser plane of empathy than a cat ( animal lookism? )), and

    2) the camp that tugs at the heartstrings and just wants revenge, doesn’t need to reason it through, and wants to create an artificial spiritual status for pets that place them above other animals we eat ( or they may kill ) daily.

    And whoever called me racist for recognizing that Mexicans work in meat processing plants, go take a hike and try seeing the world as it is for a day.

  64. Transcender of Politics

    Everybody here talks a big game. You wouldn’t actually go kill somebody because he killed your animal. You might slash his tires, key his care, spray paint his house, etc. … but you would never kill him. First off, you know what killing that person would get you for a consequence. Maybe, just maybe, if you physically confronted him while it was happening and there was a heat of the moment fight and he fell down the stairs or something, then he’d die. I doubt it though.

    But guys, let’s be realistic. Yes, he should be punished. And wishing death and suffering to anybody (or anything) is wrong. At that point, you become no better than the offender. Seriously, take a step back and look at what you are saying. Would you want your husband or wife and children to be fatherless or motherless because you decided to murder somebody? No. So stop pretending like you would.

    It does raise an interesting question though about how the killing of a dog or cat in our society merits such outcry compared to the masses of hunters who don’t kill their prey immediately because of a poor shot.

    People get excited when they type, I understand that. Just try and be realistic and understand that what many are advocating for this offender is just absurd.

    Really, a tiger cage? (for example)

  65. gia

    Hey Mark…did you change your name to Transcender of Politics?

  66. Anne

    What a horrible creature HE IS. Boycott him and anything he’s involved in…FOREVER. I never want to see or hear his name again.

  67. Ed


    Thank you.

    Incidently, if you care to exchange email, please send an email to:

    Have a great day.


  68. Ed

    Regarding Transcender’s comments:

    I’ve had pets whom, were I to come across a person in the act of deliberately brutalizing and torturing, I’d kill that person if the means were at hand, particularly if that was the only way to stop him.

    With a rational jury, the consequences might be little or none (or perhaps it wouldn’t even go to trial).

    Transcender also spouts nonsense about “becoming no better than the offender”, equating killing those *guilty* of heinous acts with brutalizing and torturing an *innocent* creature (or probably an innocent person).

    He (or she) continues with more babbling about how wishing anyone dead is wrong.

    Personally, I hope Osama Bin Laden is dead, and not in the process of orchestrating more heinous crimes.

    Hopefully, when Transcender expresses those views in person, someone will take away his lollipop and spank him with it.

  69. Dana

    I don’t think people that murder and torcher companion animals should die but I do think that they should have significant punishment (ie: jail time) because I feel that and only that (not slap on the wrist shit like community service) will pervent this from happening again. Besided jail individuals convicted should also have psychological examinations plus anger management classes. A combination of those three just might prevent that individual from ever hurting an animal again and from advancing up to human murder and torcher once out of jail.

  70. Jeff

    Transcender of Politics,

    It is plain to see that you do not understand the depths of love and responsibility that one can feel for their beloved innocent family members. Some people just consider their pets, just pets nothing more, than there are those that consider their animals the same as family. Would you kill someone that tortured and killed a helpless family member? Maybe you wouldn’t, but there are a lot of people myself included who would. Believe it or not, there are people amoung us who are actually capable of putting a cause above their own best interest. It is not so uncommon for peoples to have risked their life for others.

  71. Marly

    The low-rent, bottom feeder needs a good dose of what he gave to that pretty kitty. Everyone on here needs to tell as many people as you know about this malice to society, so that this doesn’t just get swept under the rug. Little Norman deserves justice, and for stronger penalties be added for monsters who torture animals, it just so sick.

  72. Ed


    You suggest that Mark’s comments are logical and rational, while those of the “other camp” are emotional and have not been reasoned out.

    However, A) I contend that Mark’s arguments are flawed, and B) some of the posts containing emotional reactions (which cannot themselves be objectively analyzed as “valid” or “invalid” arguments, since they are not arguments at all) also contain valid arguments.

    For example, Mark asks whether a bunny-mauling cat should be severely punished.

    When a cat tortures an unfortunate bunny (I have experience with that, and hate it), the cat is not doing so with the intent of causing suffering. The cat is acting instinctively, practicing skills that would be needed for survival were it feral. The cat has no idea that it is causing suffering.

    On the other hand, the man brutalizing the cat did so with the explicit purpose and intent of inflicting terror, pain, suffering.

    I consider it axiomatic that intent matters.

    If Mark disagrees (perhaps contending that only the action taken matters) then I won’t be able to argue with his reasoning. I can only say that at an emotional level, I reject that precept (that intent doesn’t matter).

  73. As for this jerk that has a disgusting smile on his face… I would love to kick him in the balls with steel tipped boots till he can’t walk any longer and he’s writhing in pain for doing this unnecessary act of violence to a poor cat. Animals are family to people, myself included. When people pull this stuff it shows they have a very similar personality of Jeffrey Dahlmer..remember, this is how it all began. I hope he gets a full sentence. I hope this teaches the Michael Vicks and this jerk that they can’t get away with what they want. As for his pathetic role in ” Sex and The City”, he played an ***hole there too. A part that wasn’t even necessary.. well, he’ll never get better parts ever.. creeps like him usually just get lost in the big thing they call NOTHINGNESS………………. go to jail you jerk!!! You don’t have my pity.

  74. russ

    I am anxiously awaiting this jury’s verdict. It better be guilty, and the maximun penalty for this unsavory crime. I wish him every ugliness in the world. He has defiled our species with his sadistic actions. This monster has been getting by with this type of behavior for too long. It s high time he paid some of his debt, not that he an ever make it up to little Norman. My heart bleeds for him.

  75. rm

    I am as confused as Gia. Is Mark now Transcender of Politics???

  76. renee

    Here is a petition you can sign to send to the judge urging the max penalty for this monster. Please take a minute and sign it on behalf of Norman, and all the future victims of this sadist.

  77. Ann

    Rob in Florida,

    Thank you for confirming Petcka’s busy “dancing schedule” while in prison! I really hope he suffers.

    This case has haunted me and now the ridiculously stupid jury is deadlocked????


    Thank you for adding the petition, I just signed it and sent to everyone I know.

    Having so many people on here show so much love and support for Norman is really incredible. It is the only saving grace to this horrible, horrible act of indecency.

  78. Ann

    Also, thank you cards or letters of support (I sent one) may be sent to the brave DA prosecuting this case.

    New York District Attorney
    Attn: Leila Kermani
    1 Hogan Place
    NY, NY 10013

  79. Susan

    I would like you all to call the Assistant district attorney’s office and beg them to retry this creep’s case. Norman and all of us deserve justice in this case. PLEASE LET THEM KNOW YOU FEEL HE IS A DANGER TO SOCIETY. the number is
    212-335-9000, ask to speak with Asst. district attorney Kermani.


  80. Ann

    Thanks, Susan. I did call and left her a message.

  81. Robert Wayne

    I can’t believe those stupid yankees up in New York let that piece of shit Petchka, or whatever his name is go. That one juror who believed his b.s. story about Norman attacking him must be an outright inbred retard!!! I know one thing. If I ever caught some piece of waste torturing my little buddy Booker, or any of the other cats in my neighborhood that I put food and water out for, he’d end up as gator food, and believe me, south Louisiana has plenty of gators to go around.

  82. karen

    I would have taken a bat and beat him to death.

  83. karen

    Jail is too good for a pig like him

  84. karen

    You the lawyer, are scum as well – self defense??? Give me a fucking break!

  85. Pingback: cat killer tyler haines weinman caught. « six words to change the world.

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