just six words and a picture.

Palin looks lovely in dead animal.


PETA: take a look at this!

[Posted by Kathleen]


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9 responses to “just six words and a picture.

  1. dennis Hartman

    My wife looks good in dead animal too, get over it! Go Sarah, we have a new house waiting for you… a White house!

  2. berencamlost

    Dead animals? Yummy!

  3. stacy

    if you are in a political office at least don’t do something as contraversial as wearing fur

  4. It is Alaska. I mean, she probably had to kill it on her way to the meeting to stay warm when her snowmobile got a flat.

  5. Matt

    “get over it” says D.Hartman. If you can watch this and still kill an animal for fur or any reason other than survival then you are as dead inside as the fur around her neck. Try to get over this.

  6. Angela

    Sara was being a good sport. If you could see the whole picture, there are about 18 people dressed in Viking outfits (I am one of them) behind her, and we adorned her with a pelt in front of the crowd right before her speach. Our town celebrates a Norwegian hertiage festival every May 17th. 75% of the fur is legally caught ourselves from friends and family and the other 25% is faux-fur.

  7. Annette (Koren) Sivan

    Well of course, when murdering animals is done “legally,” then it’s a perfectly moral thing to do.
    I can’t understand how a woman who seems so intelligent otherwise would enjoy killing animals.
    It troubles me.
    I just think there is a difference in this world between people who think it’s OK to tear an animal’s skin off for fashion and those who can feel empathy or simply have a conscience.
    While I like some of Palin’s political ideas, especially concerning national security, I’m seriously disturbed by her animal bloodlust.

  8. Lynn

    Palin IS a VERY disturbing choice of Governor, but particularly for V.P., as a “pro-life” proponent who is actually quite “pro-death” for species she plays GOD about.
    Sarah Palin is quite blood-thirsty for wolves, moose, bears , caribou and other big game.
    She offered bounties for aerial wolf-killers that were her state volunteers (hire for this was illegal, I guess) to lower predation rates of moose by wolves. After a severed wolf leg or 2 were brought in for the $150. bounty, the State legislated the bounties to end as it was an illegal practice to offer bounties since the 1980’s.

    Aerial wolf hunting was outlawed long ago, but PAlin found the loopholes to push it forward despite the opposition she received.
    Apparently, the point of the brutal wolf kills was (and still is) to UP the populations of moose so that blood-lust kills could be made by human hunters, instead of wolves.
    So, the wolves are slaughtered in an extremely brutal manner so the hunters can have more opportunity to have a fun time bringing those moose and caribou to their bloody ends.

    Most of my information in this comment came from Wikipedia, Defenders of Wildlife. Aand other internet sources.

    I cannot stand this woman, and I se that, despite a few men who find this all-American Warrior Pricess Brute quite a turn-on, most women and thinking men will find that this information about her will turn us away from her in disgust.
    I intend to get my facts crystal clear, before I spread these truths about her to the naive folks who are fooled by her “lovely” look.

  9. dekalbpoet

    just think: if Cruella DeVille Palin thinks so lowly and selfishly of innocent animals, imagine what her sneaky plans are for US.

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