hillary should be mad at sarah.

In a blatant attempt to bring in the female vote, Sarah Palin, in her acceptance speech, tied herself to Democrats Geraldine Ferraro and Hillary Clinton simply because she is a woman.

Sarah Palin undercut Geraldine Ferraro and Hillary Clinton by acknowledging them only as women, and not as brillliant minds with bright ideas. Shame on her. The thing about Hillary is that she was proud about being a woman, but she became frustrated when that was all people talked about. Hillary Clinton stands for women’s rights and women’s choice. McCain voted against equal pay for women. McCain voted against funding for victims of domestic violence. I could go on and on. If gender is your big issue, then just know that this man votes against women. And Sarah Palin is standing right next to him.

I can’t wait for Hillary’s statement.

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20 responses to “hillary should be mad at sarah.

  1. TomB Amazed

    Just discovered yr blog yestiddy. Love it. U guys r my heroes! My clients (musicians) are witty humanists as well (silly artists!), but so many don’t vote. Cynics. I’m hoping that the cell phone toting (and therefore unpolled) youth vote steps up from under the radar and gets it done this year. And not for Sarah “Call Me Hill” Palin and the Geezus Keeriiist of the Rs. Y’all see any hope of that?

  2. Oh Tom, I’m all about hope (just like B!). It’ll happen.

  3. I totally agree. I am a “soccer mom” myself and I all in favor of breaking the glass ceiling, but I do not think that Hillary Clinton would be in favor of a woman who just came on the scene, and hasn’t worked as hard in public life as she has being the one to “replace” her. There is no one that can “replace” Hillary. Simply because Palin is a woman, does not put her in the same league as Hillary. I am all in favor of Mrs. Palin’s accomplishments, but I am not in favor of John McCain believing that women are dumb enough to vote for him because he put the “Hillary sub” on his ticket. Just because some women are mad at Barack, doesn’t mean that all of them will forget their core values simply because there is a woman on the ticket. Palin’s views could not be more different then Hillary’s, or Geraldine Ferraro for that matter.

  4. NICY

    Very true…Hillary should be totally mad at yhe comparison.
    Maccain could have chosen Paris Hilton….After all she has traveled the world and even made a video calling Maccain Old dude….Some credentials for the V.P
    America ….. my heart goes out to you

  5. McCain has harped and played the fiddle all the way to the DNC about being experienced so by this alone how could anyone really trust him?

    Like you guys said before she is no Hillary Clinton and she ain’t foolin no women. LOL.

    Just found your blog today,,fav you at technorati.

  6. Dr. Johnny Skeptic

    This maneuver was seen from a mile away. McCain thinks that voters will be suckers for this little ploy, which shows how little he respects voters. This tactic is completely transparent and anyone with a brain will see the truth of his actions.

    This just proves what a slimy politician he is. He is relying on the Hillary supporters to vote for him because of Palin, but Hillary is going to be even more vigilant about supporting Barack Obama. Hillary Clinton has a strong and long record in public office and Palin has been governor of Alaska for only two years. She governs over a very small population, which really isn’t impressive and not a positive indicator of her leadership.

    This action of McCain’s just shows how weak and desperate he is. He is so pathetic.

  7. lisellee

    Bill Maher is right–How can McCain exclaim that our country is first and then choose a 2nd-in-command who is so unqualified and inexperienced? Foreign leaders will laugh in her face! I do hope Biden does not hold back in the debates, because she is a woman.

  8. barbara

    This might work for McCain. If she brings in only 3 million of the Hillary 18 million votes, McCain would be elected. She may not be the best choice for the country but it may just swing the election.

  9. jerry

    Sarah Palin is not even remotely qualified to be the President of the United States. This was a purely strategic play by John McCain that shows no regard for the future of 300 million Americans. If he had to pick a conservative to get our votes he could have picked Mike Huckabee. If he had to pick a woman to get Hillary Clinton voters he could have picked Olympia Snowe or Kay Bailey Hutchinson. Instead he is a 72 year old cancer survivor who may or may not make it 4 more years and wants to risk putting someone with zero real experience into the oval office because he thinks it will help him win an election. McCain does not care about America.

  10. just sayin'...

    And Obama has experience? If he really wanted to win, he would’ve chosen Hillary as VP. And Obama doesn’t even pay the women working on his campaign the same as the men. Not to mention he kept voting to fund the war, despite saying he didn’t support it. I’m sure he cares about America as much as McCain does. People have put so much hope in Obama, who is a know-nothing running purely on his image as the savior of our nation. Nothing but idol worship. American politics are a joke. This is how ‘the Dubya’ won last time, people liked his ‘down home, everyman’ image. They didn’t care that he wanted to fuck over the majority of his voters, the working class, which he has done, time and again.

    But whatever. I know my vote doesn’t really matter too much in our two-party system. I cannot support Obama and voting Republican is simply out of the question for me, even as a tactical maneuver. I’m a Socialist and will be voting as such. That is where true progress lay. If we want free college and universal health care, we need to take a que from Europe. The amount of sexism and pure idiocy in this election is astounding, among the politicians and voters. The the American Democratic party is beginning to look a lot like the Republican party. When will it ever change? Not as long as Americans are more focused on the individual candidates than the issues.

  11. drunkinarowboat

    I really hope Clinton says something. Palin should not even be allowed to utter her name for the rest of this campaign. And, as Gail put it, Biden’s go-to line in the debate should be: “I know Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton is a friend of mine, and governor, you’re no Hillary Clinton.”

    But what really gets me is how scary McCain’s decision making process is. How, how, HOW could he put our country in this position? Suddenly, I feel like I heart Mitt Romney. It’s just SO reckless. It’s funny right now, but in reality, notsomuch.

    EJ elaborates:

    McCain, as far as anyone can tell, met Palin only once before considering her for vice president, and once more before settling on her, which is to say he barely knows her. For the purpose of courting disaffected Hillary Clinton voters and satisfying the social conservatives, McCain is willing to place someone he knows mostly from press clippings in the direct line of succession to the presidency. There is a breathtaking recklessness about this choice.

    New slogan: McCain-Palin-BREATH TAKING RECKLESSNESS for AMERICA!!!

  12. That’s a great slogan. Pretty catchy.

  13. Grace

    Breaking the glass ceiling wall” is not what Palin will do! Infact she does not represent the majority of the women in america, her views in anti abortion is too extreme, womens right to choose for herself will be banned even if raped or incest. I believe this is an individual personal CHOICE not a National choice.

    With her views and McCain opinions that Birth control or condoms should not be covered by health care but Viagra should, is a killer combo.

    McCain/Palin administration will overturn Roe vs. Wade by appointing Judges to the Supreme Court who do not support R vs. W.

    Sara Palin should be ashamed of herself mentioning Hillary Clinton, Geraldine Ferraro names to breaking the glass ceiling when it’s abovious her beliefs are apposite of Hillary and Giraldine.

    America is faced with Economic, foreign, national, crisis, along with Health care, and education, these are major problem we need to fix, with McCain and Sara Palin, they will just add more problems!

    For the sake of the country lets all face the reality that we NEED CHANGE, NOT for the worse but for the BETTER! With McCain and Sara the only thing will change is the the sex of the VP, but with same policy or even worst then George Bush!

    Palin is not Hilary and McCain is Bush!

  14. Jamie

    Sarah Palin could destroy EVERYTHING for women, if John McCain dies (think about it, pretty likely with cancer 4 times and being 72 when Male average lifespan is 74). Hillary needs to speak publically to Sarah, and tell her to stop making a comparison based on nothing but gender.

    I’d like you to imagine that you are a 14 year old, under privaledged girl… You have a mom that’s not around and a Dad that’s abusive… Let’s pretend like your dad rapes you, and you get pregnant… Well at 14, you can’t get a job, and you certainly can’t get your own apartment… What Sarah Palin would like to do, is FORCE you to keep that baby… She parades her daughter’s choices around to set an example of how “she made the right choice”. But little Bristol’s situation is totally different, she has parents that support her and have the resources to help support her financially… Sarah Palin also doesn’t have any sympathy for single mom’s or Minor mothers, and would like to decrease federal funding and programs that might help them to have a better life… In that kind of a situation, I bet you’d see a lot more teen suicides in the US, as it’s probably your only way out of that REALLY, REALLY crappy situation…

    I myself am married with 3 kids, and I am YOUNG to have that many… I enjoy sex with my husband, and Sarah Palin would like for Birth Control Pills and Condoms to be out of the question (even for married couples)… So my options would be:
    1. stop having sex with my husband and start to resent him, destroy my marraige
    2. keep having sex with him, and have 15 babies by the time I hit 35 (which I definitly can’t afford)… And then try to file for government assistance that definitely wouldn’t be available or would be VERY little

    Let’s move on to separation of church and state… Ms. Palin want’s schools to teach CREATIONISM. That God created the earth, and blah, blah, blah… What about the kid’s who’s religious beliefs are different from that? What about the kids who are raised without religion? Doesn’t seem fair in a country where we are supposed to be free from religious persecution… These kids are going to get horrible grades, limiting the opportunities they have to get into good colleges, out of protest, or out of a simple “not understanding how God created the world” When they don’t even believe that God exists… And admit it, most people don’t pick their religion… They are born into it, and go along with their parents…

    18 million cracks in the glass ceiling, is starting to sound like 18 million ways to set women back… Take them away from the progress they’ve made, and putting them back into the home, while the husband works, cooking dinners and cleaning… Before you know it, women wont be able to speak until spoken to, because Extremists tend to breed more extremists… If women vote for her (which I hope they don’t) just because she’s a woman, I am immediately running away to Canada… Because all she is doing is making women look stupid, and setting us back…

    I’m not saying that Barack Obama is a saint… What I am saying, is that Sarah Palin could be the Anti-Christ that brings upon the end of the world… (the world’s most powerful nation will fall… or something along those lines in the bible).We should ask her about it since she seems to be SUPER religious…

    Ask anyone that isn’t directly linked to Oil, or Sarah Palin in Alaska, and they’ll probably agree that she only cares about herself, and her family and friends… She want’s to move the state capitol to closer to where she lives, so that in the now dead Wasilla (where she was mayor) will see more people, therefore bringing back business, and turn the current capitol into a place of welfare, and a huge population of people without jobs.

    Guess why she wan’t Alaska to build that bridge themselves? Cause her husband works in OIL… for BP… Google it, it’s true… “Let’s have him do it, so I can have the $”

    I could go on, and on… Can you tell I HATE Sarah Palin… I hate her the most though, BECAUSE SHE IS A WOMAN.

    She’s making us all look like we have tiny brains…

    I did read a rumor though that this whole Sarah Palin thing is just a ploy, to quick get attention of ex-Hillary supporters… And that in 2 weeks, she’ll dip out siting family situation, and John McCain will choose his ACTUAL choice for VP… I hope it’s true if there is any chance that McCain could take office…

    I am originally from St. Paul… Let me tell you… The angles they are shooting from on TV make you think that the Excel is full… IT’S NOT.

    Oh, just one more thing (get to aggitated thinking about that lady). Do you remember on the RNC when Palin responded to the question about whether or not she’d have time to care for her family with the duties of VP? The camara from CNN panned over to her family, and Bristol was glaring back at her with resentment… Anyone else catch that? I just about DIED laughing.

  15. Jamie

    Sidenote: About extremists…. A lot of people didn’t hate jews, until Hitler told them to… Some people killed them, because they were forced to… Some people kept killing them, because they began to agree with Hitler… Perfect example of how EXTREMISTS BREED EXTREMISTS.

  16. Mallory

    Well put, Jamie.

  17. Taylor

    Hello, I just stumbled upon this blog… I haven’t read everyone’s comments, but I did see several comments where people have said that she has no experience and McCain only picked her to get Hill’s voters… I am not sure if the individuals making these comments are for Obama, but if you are, I wanted to bring up the blatant fact that Obama does not have that much experience as well… and he is running for President! She is only going for Vice President…
    Now I know some will say, “What if McCain dies since he is so old, is she ready to run the nation?” Well, I ask, and not from a racist stand-point, but more from a reality stand-point, what if Obama gets killed if he is elected? Both are “WHAT IF” questions. McCain can very well be healthy today and die tragically tomorrow… and Obama can be completed surrounded by the secret service but still some crazy racist (which I can only imagine the amount of them running around in the south) can still take him out. If there is a will, there is a way.
    Why are so many voters pondering on the “WHAT IF” ? I myself am torn who to vote for so please do not believe I am all for McCain. I have always been a Democrat myself. This is a very difficult decision for me. Obama wants to pull out of the war “responsibly” and McCain wants to finish it. Being a Veteran of the Armed Forces there is one thing I do know, if you start a war you must finish it. I do not agree with us being at war, but it doesn’t change the fact that we are in war. So, on that issue I am for McCain.
    I also personally like Sara Palin, from what we have learned about her over the past week. Washington has been so corrupted by the rich, white, powerful men that everyone seems to be brain-washed. However, Sarah and Hill are like night and day, I was not a Hill supporter… I am a female by the way. I did attend the Nevada caucus and I did still “put my vote” in for her because I felt that she would have been the best candidate for the Democratic Party. Sadly, she was not the chosen one. I’ve always told myself over the past year or so that I would vote for the Democrats no matter what, but now I’m flip-flopping every other day LOL. I am excited to see what the debates will bring.
    As far as Sarah goes though, like I had previously mentioned, she seems like a great person. I am so inspired by the fact that we may finally have the opportunity to have a voice in the white house from a member of a working class family who will stop and say “No, this isn’t right”. So far I believe that she will stand up for what’s right regardless of the pressures that come from doing such a thing. She understands what it is to struggle, she understands what is to not have an endless supply of money, she understands that sometimes you can’t just go out and buy whatever you want because you have to spend your money to pay the bills, buy food, provide clothing for children etc.
    But honestly, I am undecided. I find it unfortunate that the media is so in love with Obama as I believe that some of his voters have been swayed just by watching the tube instead of actually doing some research. I find it strange that Obama spent 20 years in a church yet says he does not share the views of that church… I find it odd that he was *possibly* brought up Muslim but has no ties. I find it to be bs that 22 years ago (or so) he admitted to doing cocaine but the media would rather plaster the fact that Sarah’s husband received a D.U.I. 22 years ago?
    I wish the media played fair, but as we all know, they are owned by the government. I wish everyone would do their research on each party and make their own independent decisions. I wish black people would not vote for Obama just because he is of their race and I wish women would not vote for McCain because his VP is a woman… as I know a lot of Hill’s voters (not all) loved her based on the fact she was a woman. I am not attacking either candidate, I wish both parties the best of luck, I’m excited for the debates and I pray every night that we the people make the right decision and not have it overturned, again. Thank you.
    Oh yes, one more thing… as far as Sarah’s pro-life views, I do not agree with those. As a woman I do believe I should have that choice. However, I would like everyone who is so outraged with the fact that Sarah would try to have that overturned actually read the case files and other supporting documents on Roe VS. Wade before assuming that it is even the slightest possibility that it could ever happen. Not everything these politicians say will actually happen. Look at all of the past elections… how long have we been promised things that have never happen, or told of things that would happen but never did? So, please, please, please, keep an open mind, research your candidates, watch the debates and above all, get out there and vote!

  18. Tony

    If you truly care about our veterans and this great country of ours…

    …Don’t vote for John McCain.

    McCain voted against our troops MANY times in the senate.

    John McCain voted AGAINST 20 million dollars for veteran care facilities.

    John McCain voted AGAINST $322 million for safety equipment for our troops in Iraq.

    John McCain voted AGAINST $1 billion dollars in new equipment for the National Guard.

    John McCain voted AGAINST $430 million for veterans outpatient care.

    Barack voted FOR all of these troop support initiatives.

    They deserve better than McCain.

    We deserve better than McCain.


  19. jamie

    McCain/Palin sucks! Does anyone know which countries grant citizenship the quickest? If McCain wins, I want to file for amnesty some where else… Anyone know if costa rica is quick?

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