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just six words and a picture.


Barack ‘n’ Roll with the Boss! 

(the election may have been almost one month ago but I’m still celebrating)

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’cause down the shore everything’s alright.


Greetings, readers! It’s your favorite Jersey Shore-correspondent-turned-guest-blogger here, Madeline!  I’ll be filling in for Kathleen while she’s gallivanting around South America, living life in the adventurous way expected from twenty-somethings.  Personally, I defy those expectations by spending most of my free time watching the teevee with my dog.  How exciting for all of us. 

Kathleen has left some pretty big flip-flops to fill but she assures me that I’m well prepared as I’m unemployed and still suffering from regular bouts of post-college depression.  Still, this is a big task so I’ll start off slowly and in the way most entertaining to me: by talking about myself!  So that we can all become better acquainted I’ll follow the SWTCTW tradition set by Mallory and Kathleen: 

About Madeline

pictured above, your favorite bloggers and guest blogger

(is it weird that we have this many pictures of us snuggling in beds together?)


People/things not to be trusted: curling irons, Tyra Banks, humidity, decaf coffee.

 Unhealthily obsessed with: all things French, high heels, Bruce Springsteen, Madeleine Albright, Ireland, cocktail dresses.

Favorite Sports: skiing, tailgating, group e-mailing.

Favorite Foods: champagne, brie, peanut butter.

Six word memoir: I’m Madeline! Nice to meet you!  (Okay so that’s a temporary one but it works!)

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youtube clip of today: lego bruce.

This video is pretty cool, I suppose, but WHO HAS TIME FOR THIS? I just don’t understand.

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yes we can: live at convention!

Remember that great “Yes We Can” video with all of the famous people in it that made you feel all tingly and Democratic and in love with Barack Obama? Well, according to CNN’s Political Ticker, it’s going to be recreated live on Thursday before Obama’s speech. I can’t exactly understand how that’s going to work, but I’ll leave that to the music folks to figure out. Hooray for Kathleen, who gets to actually be there. As for me, I’ll be chasing my tequila with a shot of bitter jealousy.

Presumably, Will.i.am will be there, and CNN tells us that Sheryl Crow, Stevie Wonder, and Jennifer Hudson are also performing. Plus, rumors are still flying that Mr. Bruce Springsteen himself will make an appearance. If that is true, my anger over the fact that I’m not in Denver right now may lead me to explode, right there in whatever DC bar I happen to be in.

So that I can calm down, and for your enjoyment, let’s watch the “Yes We Can” video together and just breeeathe. 

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roberts wants to be bob dylan.

Bobby D

Fun fact of the day: Bob Dylan’s lyrics have been quoted in 26 judicial opinions, including a recent Supreme Court decision by John Roberts, who quoted him incorrectly. (Other most quoted singers include Paul Simon and Bruce Springsteen…at least our justices have good taste.) Man, now I really do wanna be Bob Dylan.

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heaven’s waiting on down the tracks.

Courtesty of my friend Madeline, a little reminder of why we are all so obsessed with The Boss:

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