yes we can: live at convention!

Remember that great “Yes We Can” video with all of the famous people in it that made you feel all tingly and Democratic and in love with Barack Obama? Well, according to CNN’s Political Ticker, it’s going to be recreated live on Thursday before Obama’s speech. I can’t exactly understand how that’s going to work, but I’ll leave that to the music folks to figure out. Hooray for Kathleen, who gets to actually be there. As for me, I’ll be chasing my tequila with a shot of bitter jealousy.

Presumably, will be there, and CNN tells us that Sheryl Crow, Stevie Wonder, and Jennifer Hudson are also performing. Plus, rumors are still flying that Mr. Bruce Springsteen himself will make an appearance. If that is true, my anger over the fact that I’m not in Denver right now may lead me to explode, right there in whatever DC bar I happen to be in.

So that I can calm down, and for your enjoyment, let’s watch the “Yes We Can” video together and just breeeathe. 

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One response to “yes we can: live at convention!

  1. justcallmepam

    i saw the boss live in person a week and a half ago and man that guy can still move. he was using the mic stand as a pole and sliding across the stage…all in his hot, tight jeans.

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