and it’s peace, man, cool, yeah.

This weekend, I was up in NYC visiting friends, and on Friday night I saw Joshua Radin (!!!) in concert. I was crazy excited about seeing him. He put on a good live show, brought Ingrid Michaelson out with him to duet on “Sky,” and we hooked up after the show. Most of that is true. Speaking of Ingrid Michaelson, she wasn’t wearing pants on stage. She had a longish sweater on (just BARELY covered her ass-thigh junction) with tights. Ribbed, partially see-through tights.

Ladies, do I need to say it again? Leggings are not pants. They should not be worn as though they are pants. And if LEGGINGS are not pants, it logically follows that PARTIALLY SHEER TIGHTS are ALSO not pants. Ingrid, I think you are wonderful and witty and very talented, but that does not exempt you from these rules. I hate pants as much as the next person (and probably more) but unfortunately, they’re a necessity. And Girl I Saw in Penn Station? It should go without saying that these rules apply to leather leggings as well.

But I digress. Back to the concert. My friends and I were there to see Joshua Radin, but I ended up really enjoying the other two acts as well. Jesse Harris opened, and he was great — a little dude in a flannel shirt playing a banjo. Here’s a sample of his stuff:

My friend Madeline and I stalked him a little the next day, and discovered that though Mr. Harris may have just been a rando dude in a flannel shirt to us, he’s pretty legit in the music business. In fact, he’s a Grammy-winner, and wrote Norah Jones’ “Don’t Know Why.” Pretty cool, eh?

The show was a double-headliner kind of thing, with Joshua and Dar Williams. I previously felt sort of “meh” about Dar Williams, but I like her a lot more after seeing her live. She closed with this song:

It’s probably the most adorable song I’ve ever heard, and it (clearly) made me cry. I had a lot of babysitters that I was close to, and I’ve been close to a lot of the kids I’ve watched, so this song really gets to me. It’s strange how for a few years, kids can have an incredibly significant relationship with their sitters, only to have both parties grow up and never see each other again. 

Okay enough nostalgia for tonight. I have books about child abuse to read, hooray!

UM MAJOR P.S. Look what I found!

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