youtube clip of today: matt 2008.

This is one of the best things ever.  I posted Matt’s first video wayyyy back and here is his 2008 video.  I was crying by the end of this video.  Why?  Because I love puppies and babies, world peace, harmony among the citizens of the world, dancing and traveling.  Duh.

I need a real job.

[Posted by Kathleen]


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2 responses to “youtube clip of today: matt 2008.

  1. justcallmepam

    all i need to know is how he affords to travel all over the world…then i’m set for life.

  2. Heather

    Dear Kathleen:

    Matt Harding may not be a household name, but his dancing is world famous. Last year Time named his “Where the Hell is Matt?” video the year’s #1 viral video–and for good reason. By clumsily dancing his way from India to France to Hawaii to Micronesia to Bolivia and Tanzania and more, he showed the world that one awful dance could show us all what a really small world we really live in. Everyone–men, women, and children–joined him in his spirited, joyful dance.

    Matt’s first book Where the Hell is Matt? ($14.95 hardcover, Skyhorse Publishing) is the story of Matt, his travels, and his videos. Told with humor and illustrated with over 200 of Matt’s own photographs, it is the perfect summer read for anyone who loves Matt’s video and wanted to hear from Matt how his journey started, whom he met on the way, and what he saw along the way.

    Where the Hell is Matt? is available from booksellers everywhere–on line and in stores. Please let us know if you need or want any further information about Matt or his book.

    Heather Chapman, Publicity Assistant
    Skyhorse Publishing

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