kendra wilkinson’s having a baby bunny!

kendra-wilkinsonYup, former Girl Next Door Kendra is having a baby!  She announced her pregnancy when she was asked why she didn’t participate in the champagne toast at her bridal shower.  (Apparently, according to Perez, her mother and grandmother are pissed because they found out at the same time as everyone else…)  Congratulations to Kendra and her hubby-to-be, Eagles wide receiver Hank Baskett!  Can you imagine?  A baby bunny at Hef’s mansion, just coming to hang out and play.  That would bring a whole new meaning to the phrase “playmate”, would it not?

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4 responses to “kendra wilkinson’s having a baby bunny!

  1. i think kendra will make a great mommy<3 shes gonna do great! congrats to kendra + hank<3 im sooo excited shes a great girl!

  2. Mel Haynes

    I love Kendra Wilkinson!

    I wish i could meet her, she reminds me so much of myself and it would be great if i could get in contact with her to wish her & Hank well with both the wedding and her their baby! hope all goes well and wish them all the best, if kendra is still looking for a new assistant i would be more then happy to bend over backwards for her anyday!

    love you kendra and hopefully i can meet you one day! all the best again!

    Luv Mel from Australia in Adelaide SA

  3. As long as she’s naked she’s fine.

  4. Rhiannon

    Why are you haveing your wedding on 24 th of June because the show is all ways late on the wedding why why!

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