is kelly choi the new padma?

You're holding a chicken?  Seriously?

You're holding a chicken? Seriously?

Last night I watched Bravo’s newest show, “Top Chef Masters”, fully expecting to see the always foxy Padma hosting.  But no.  There’s some new chick in town, and her name is Kelly Choi.  Like Padma, she’s way too thin to be a food critic.  EAT A FRIGGIN’ HAMBURGER… OR SEVEN.  Honestly.  There is such a disconnect between being rail thin and being a food critic.  How on earth do they do it?

Kelly Choi seems a little wacky, so I did my research.  She’s a model, duh.  She hosts a show in NYC called “Eat Out, NY”. (Keep your dirty jokes to yourself.)  SHE ALSO EATS RAW EGGS.  And if you want to know more about her and all the other crazy things she eats every day, click here.  She also drinks.  A lot.

She did alright last night, but I’m still on Team Padma.  What do you think of her?

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13 responses to “is kelly choi the new padma?

  1. Kymil

    Kathleen, while I didn’t see the show, I’m an avid “Top Chef” viewer. Season 5 was famously epic.

    However, I think this new version of Top Chef is only a filler and therefore should not be judged too critically. This is a half-baked scam to piggyback on the successes of Chef Tom and Padma. No Coliccio = No Top Chef.

    This bracket idea, which i read about on is lame. Give me Season 6 with unknown personalities and weird half-hookups (Hosea and Leah). And, if this new version of the show does not feature Hung, Sam, or Richard from previous Top Chef seasons, it truly doesn’t deserve the name.

    P.S. – Check out Padma’s Pantene c0mmercial – I swear, she is Voldemort.

    • Erika Lane

      Kelly Choi has accomplished a great deal, however, in her bio at Bravo TV “Top Chef Masters” she says she has a Masters degree from Columbia Graduate School of Journalism in Magazine Writing…and I checked and there is no Masters degree in Magazine at Columbia School of Journalism either in NYC or Columbia, Missouri. There are comprehensive masters degrees that include a broad spectrum of electives that allow students to choose certain media specialties, but requirements do not allow students to focus on one field of study. However, she may have had special permission to declare a specialized Masters program, I seriously doubt that, however. Just sharing that. EL

  2. Carlos

    Well a good thing is that Padma actually does eat burgers. Hardees commercial anyone? Second don’t you think that Tom Colicchio should be part of top chef masters, I’d love to see someone trash his cooking.

  3. josh

    I don’t know this blog writer but dude, Jake, you are right on target. Couldn’t agree with you more about the choice of Kelly choi. I went to Columbia with her. Choi PINED after JOSH KELLY now at espn. He dumped her for a gorgeous blonde, and Choi screamed at Elliott in the Columbia hallways. choi was a laughing stock at school and she then got hired for ONE month at NEWS 12 BRONX by Camilo Pombo. I saw Choi’s air checks then ( about 6 years ago) Man she Sucked! Choi is NO sincere soul. She is not 32 as wikipedia states and she slummed around NYC writing freelance after news 12 trying to make it some how before she begged Arick Wierson at NYC TV for a shot. PEOPLE at NYC TV (not management) do not think highly of CHOI. CHOI goes to these RED CARPET EVENTS in evening gowns TRYING BEGGING CRYING, “LOOK AT ME PLEASE I AM KELLY CHOI.” She has no purpose at these events and paparazzi friends of mine remark they take her pix because she just bares leg at the male photogs. How many wanna bet CHOI will crash and burn or just end up marrying a rich old geezer like JULIE CHEN OR WENDI DENG. Pathetic.

  4. Danny Sausalito

    “Josh” a.k.a. “Fooz” and all the other names you use around the Internet to trash this woman. I don’t know Ms. Choi, but I do know from what you write that you are a loser who has no success, no career and no life. The problem with Internet sites like this one is they allow people like you without any testicles to run your mouth off and hide like a chicken shit wimp. This woman doesn’t deserve this. Pathetic? Look in the mirror, dickhead.

  5. hahahaha wow “josh” seems to me you got dumped by an asian chick and is raging for revenge!! Anyways i could care less about your fucking rant, get a life douchebag. I would fuck Padma sooo hard god damn she is fine

  6. arick

    Kelly choi is Void of any culinary comments that are substantive. I vote for dversity but this Choi woman rubs me the wrong way. She comes across way dumb and is she anorexic??

  7. arick

    “Top Chef Masters”: Love The Concept, Not The Host
    Posted by Jake Kalish

    This is mostly really good news. Bravo is coming out with a new Top Chef show, which will “pit internationally famous chefs against each other.” Awesome! Except maybe for the host, Kelly Choi. We have problems with her, some of which may or may not be fair.
    Kelly Choi is certainly credentialed – she’s hosted Eat Out NY on New York’s city-government run NYC TV (an episode rundown is here) and supposedly has a book due out in the spring called The 20 Most Delicious Dishes In New York, although a search for this book on Amazon finds nada. What is clear is that the 20 dishes are down from the 25 Choi intended to do a year ago.
    Before we state our problems with Kelly Choi, let us state the somewhat obvious. Yes, she’s beautiful. Not Padma beautiful, but in the ballpark. Okay, now the issues, gleaned from watching Eat Out NY a lot:
    1) She has a bunch of weird tics that she should have gotten rid of before she entered broadcasting – she repeats what people say, often says “uhhhh” when she can’t think of anything. Stuff like that. In the clip we’ll show you, after someone says an oyster is from British Columbia, she exclaims “B.C.!” for no good reason. Then when he says another oyster is from Prince Edward Island, she says “P.E.I.s!” Not sure what that adds, Kelly.

    2) She often wears a long black vinyl coat that looks vaguely S&M -ish, but she totally wouldn’t do any S&M, because she seems kind of wholesome, and it’d clearly gross her out. False advertising!
    3) Her taste in restaurants, and food for that matter, often leans toward the “pretty” or fancy rather than the gritty or “authentic.” This might have something to do with being a beautiful woman, so we’ll cut her some slack.
    4) She’s fake bubbly. You know people like that? We just made her sound worse than she is, like she’s some horribly insincere person. She’s not. She actually seems really nice, and earnest. But she’s the type of person who would exclaim “That’s great!” when she means “that’s good.” You know? The sort of person who sometimes smiles because she’s got perfect teeth. Again, that sounded too mean. Honestly, if we met Kelly Choi in a bar we’d probably just spontaneously drool.
    Look, why don’t you watch this clip from Eat Out NY and judge for yourself? On it, she coins the word “gi-gantuomous”!

  8. Amelia

    I had to comment. I just finished TC Masters and Kelly is definitely anorexic which bothers me because the show is about food. With Padma, she has curves but Kelly I can see her bones, yuck. What is with Bravo. I would appreciate some healthy looking women like Grace. People that look they actually consume and keep the food down!

  9. Hana

    She is an insincere dumb girl with stupid remarks so I have no idea what she is doing on Top Chefs. She is obviously sucking someones cock!

  10. ANon

    I just discover Top Chef. I watched the whole Season 6 in 2 days!! It was very entertaining & have such a good quality to it from the coontestants, judges and hosts. So when I saw Top Chef Masters it’s only natural that I felt like I must see it. So I watched Season 2. I really enjoy the Chefs they’re so fun to watch, but the judges fell a bit short. But what drags the quality lowr than I expect is the host. I’m very disappointed with the choice of Top Chef Masters host. I feel like wtf Kelli Choi is doing there, she really doesn’t belong in that show. I found it weird & out of place. Her appearence, her comments, I dunno, something just feel ‘off’.

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