today is a google holiday, hooray!

Two people tipped me off to today’s Google Holiday (thanks, Amelia and Kels!), which has caused people the world ’round to be all “Uhhhh is my computer broken?” But don’t worry, people, your computer isn’t broken! It’s just Google being its wacky self. Let me share the email I received as my second tip this morning:

I realized after I typed this gem [pictured below] in that today is a google holiday! I was actually a little concerned because I just thought that it was my computer being broken. Also, you might wonder, gosh, why was Kelsey googling “mase, money, anus”? And the answer to that is that I am an embarassingly white girl who is completely out of touch with American pop culture, so I didn’t understand a lot of this website. Now I do though!

Ladies and gentlemen, meet my best friend from home! You probably should go to that website, just to understand why Kelsey’s search makes sense, and also because it’s entertaining.

Today’s Google Holiday: Invention of the Bar Code. Today marks the 57th anniversary of the first bar code patent. And guys, we should celebrate, because how else could we buy Cheetos with such ease? Here, read more. (And also maybe let me know how it’s possible that Wikipedia updates things the second they happen. It already knows about today’s Google Holiday…cah-raaaazy.)

What Kelsey was Googling: mase, money, anus

bar code

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