do people still eat eggo waffles?

Now, here is a serious tragedy.  Kellogg has reported that there will be a shortage of Eggo waffles until next summer.   Two of the four plants that mass-produce the waffles are shut down for the time-being.  The largest “bakery” in Rossville, Tennessee  is closed indefinitely for repairs and the other in Atlanta was shut down because of an unprecedented amount of rain from a September storm.

If all else fails, we could all cut holes in cardboard and throw them in the toaster.   I bet we couldn’t tell the difference.

[Posted by Shannon]

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One response to “do people still eat eggo waffles?

  1. Angie

    You have officially confirmed that my mother and I are not crazy, so thank you! For the past month or so, my mother and I went from grocery store to grocery store, madly searching for our Eggos….as there has been a strange slimming supply lately. From Giant, to Acme, to Wegmans. We couldn’t figure it out and now, an explanation. I’m quite disturbed at the news, as I LOVE me some Special K Eggos. Sadly, I do not douse them in syrup and margarine like I did every morning before elementary school, but now they are very convenient and yummy for breakfast during my morning commute. Ugh…those store-brand waffles are just not the same….!

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