today is a google holiday, hooray!

Today’s Google Holiday: Anthony Vivaldi’s birthday. He would have been 332! You know our boy Vivaldi for The Four Seasons (WALSH!) and his striking good looks:

His Wikipedia page has this interesting opening paragraph about his childhood:

Antonio Lucio Vivaldi was born in Venice, the capital of the Republic of Venice in 1678. He was baptized immediately after his birth at his home by the midwife, which led to the belief that his life was somehow in danger. Though not known for certain, the immediate baptism was most likely due either to his poor health or to an earthquake that shook the city that day. In the trauma of the earthquake, Vivaldi’s mother may have dedicated him to the priesthood. Vivaldi’s official church baptism (the rites that remained other than the baptism itself) did not take place until two months later. Cool!!

Cool!! indeed. (Wikipedia’s editors clearly aren’t doing their job.)

What I was Googling: jcrew rose vines romper. And here’s why:


See now, that doesn’t count as clothes. J.Crew tells us to “think poolside parties and chic beach soirees” and to pair “this fashion-forward silhouette with an extra-long cardigan and loads of accessories.” Now, I’m all for wacky fashion, J.Crew, and even rompers, when done well. But this is just a swimsuit that you can’t swim in. I’m having a hard time wrapping my mind around it, because I can’t imagine a time when you’d be at a “chic beach soiree” (I already have like eight of those on my calendar for the summer) or a pool party and wouldn’t want to be wearing either a swimsuit or some form of clothes. I just had this conversation with my coworker, who happens to work at J.Crew, after I showed her this “romper”:

Her: Cute! That’s a swimsuit, right?

Me: NO! It’s a ROMPER.

Her: Oh god, nevermind. Did you see the other romper, with the pants? We got one in the store…and nuh-uh.

Here it is styled, which is even more mind-boggling:

Can someone please help me understand? Is it just a swimsuit? This website and this website seem to think so. But if it’s a swimsuit, why are they calling it a romper? I’m so confused. Hailp!

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5 responses to “today is a google holiday, hooray!

  1. are people going to be out wearing these in public?! very upsetting. this may be worse than leggings as pants…

  2. Mallory

    Right?!! Is it even legal to walk around, say, the grocery store, wearing nothing but a romper, a cardigan, and some espadrilles?

  3. justcallmepam

    i just pictured myself in that outfit…*shudder*

  4. AC

    I thought you’d love this! No pants required!

  5. I have you bookmarked to check out new stuffyou post.

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