like a dog in your purse…

…this is just…not okay. Coincidentally, this gem was sent to us by our favorite Woodland Creature Correspondent:

Wow. And you thought that these babies, or maybe these ones, were as horrifying as shoes could get. You were so wrong. You know, I once had a hamster named Elvis. He was black and white and adorable, and I got him mostly because we earned extra credit in my middle school science class for keeping pets (which is actually extremely strange now that I think about it). Elvis once went missing for several weeks, and we finally discovered him next door in one of the cabinets in the art classroom. He was alive, and we are convinced that he must have survived by eating paint chips. Or maybe he was just Jesus in hamster form. Either way, this story makes me think that hamsters might be able to survive being tossed around in hideous clear platforms, so long as you take them out and feed them a few paint chips every now and then.

[Posted by Mallory]


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2 responses to “like a dog in your purse…

  1. I’m in shock…What a crazy idea! Thanks for posting!

  2. Justcallmepam

    I had to spread awareness ofthe atrocities being committed against my fellow woodland creatures. These also remind me of the goldfish shoes Jonah hill wanted to buy in 40 year old virgin….

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