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gossip girl’s back, with a vengeance.

I mentioned last week that I was starting to get a leetle sick of Gossip Girl. The plot was getting sort of boring — and by boring I mean less deliciously crappy — and I was losing interest. But tonight, folks, my favorite guilty pleasure redeemed itself. There is so much new scandal and I love it! 

Dan had a new girlfriend who sucked a lot and then the girlfriend turned out to be working for the Chuck Basstard! The Lord and the Duchess were hooking up! Jenny’s hair still looks so brittle that I’m worried she might be anorexic in real life! And, most importantly, Serena is eeeevil again. Mwhaha! 

Also, Nate is still prettier than I ever hope to be…

Give me your eyelashes, fool!

In other news, I’m totally loving the new iPod song, “Bruises,” by Chairlift. I’m a sucker for a good song from an Apple commercial (right, KTray?).

Once something newsworthy happens that isn’t financial (because, remember, I just don’t understand that stuff. And I have no money to lose, so it’s hard for me to try to understand…), I promise I’ll stop writing exclusively about Gossip Girl.

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